Trail Masters Are Announced, Kayak Angling, Nostalgia For Blandford, Mid-June Ski Run At Alta.

This guy is taking a mid-June run down Alta. Walk up, ski down.

Yes, it is hot out there.  The head dome is hovering over the Southwest, and yet, there are places where people are still skiing.  We’ve received a report that people are skiing off the top of Mt. Washington, NH, walking up the mountain at Alta, and, of course, Mt Hood is opening for summer skiing, as is Les Deux Alpes in France. New Zealand and South American ski fields are open, too. When will folks have had enough?  Probably not till after July 4.  We hope correspondent Rose Marie Cleese gets us to Mammoth Mt, CA, to report on skiing on the fourth in the Sierra.

This week, we are announcing the Trail Masters who reported “skiing their age” this past season. Our most senior Trail Master is Fredi Jakob, a vibrant 83 year old who skied 83 days this season, mostly at Alta. Read our report and check out the list here.

As a reminder, we are also publishing once again our explanation of why some of you have to re-enter your email when accessing our online magazine. We are doing this to hopefully pre-empt the occasional angry email we get on this subject. The situation is easy to rectify, and it is most probably a click or two on the reader’s device.


WhyKnotFishing guide Matt Zimmerman teaches how-to kayak and fish in Marblehead Harbor.
Credit: Tamsin Venn

Correspondent Tamsin Venn reports on a potential new sport for active seniors to engage in.  She went kayak angling, or fishing from a kayak recently and tells you about the adventure she had in Marblehead Harbor.  Tamsin, by the way, knows a lot about kayaking as she is the publisher of American Coastal Kayaker magazine, but this is the first time she’s been kayak angling.  Looks like fun.

Also, Harriet Wallis writes about a nostalgic trip to Blandford ski area in Springfield, MA. Even though the area is closing, her memories of growing up on the slopes with a bunch of friends and families are vivid and persist.  We are starting to realize that it is the small- to medium-sized mountains that form the deepest relationships with people. There’s an emotional attachment that is hard to find in destination resorts.  Maybe that’s just us.

Finally, someone figured out how to get up Alta and take a run the other week and took a video of it. Walk up, ski down, you get what you pay for.  On to summer, guys.

Next time, more Cycling Series stories, a Fitness Focus that will keep those tight hamstrings limber, and more fun and games.  If you haven’t purchased your season ticket for next season, you may have missed out on the most generous discounts. Keep watching the website of your go-to mountain.

See ya, and remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.


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