Remember Winter? More Indoor Skiing, Kayaking Tips For Seniors.

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First day of summer this week has many thinking of their warm weather activities. We asked about what you were going to be doing this summer in our Spring Subscriber Survey 2016. We learned:

  • 70 % of respondents will be traveling domestically; 35% traveling internationally
  • 61% will be hiking
  • 56% will be cycling
  • 32% will be kayaking

Those are the major summer activities for our very active readers. The more “relaxed” sports–fishing, sailing, boating– ranked in the 15-25% range.  A smaller percentage were into running, tennis and surfing.  The picture emerges from this data and others that our readers are really into keeping very active at the high end of high. Nice to know.

So, we are lucky to have Tamsin Venn contribute a very helpful article on Kayaking for Seniors.  Tamsin is a frequent contributor to, a ski instructor and publisher of Atlantic Coast Kayaker, a highly respected magazine.  She points out 10 tips that can make the kayaking experience more enjoyable and less mysterious.  If you haven’t tried kayaking, you really must give it a go.  It’s truly a wonderful experience on the water.

We also hear from another attempt to extend winter, or at least skiing, into a year-round endeavor.  Snobahn, a European company, has opened its first facility in Centennial, CO.  And none other than Bode Miller is a booster.  Check out the video in the article; it could be a great teaching-coaching tool.

Finally, we just had to show you a far out video from pro-skier Giray Dadali, who is flipping his way down Snowbird’s cliffs in deep powder.  Just a reminder that there is, in fact, winter, and, yes, it approaches as every summer day goes by.

Check out our new advertiser, 70+ Ski Club, a perfect match for our readership.  70+ has lots of trips and activities for seniors planned for 2016-17.

Coming up in future weeks will be more survey results, poll results, and more articles from our outstanding crew of correspondents.

Thank you for reading  Remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.

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