New Survey. Two Skiing Octogenarians. Simple Planks Strengthen Core. Cycling Into Seattle’s Past.

Gatehouse Web Design asked us to ask you to complete a survey. The company built the website. It has also created a number of private online calendars to help property sharers view availability, and schedule and track use. User interest in features such as expense sharing and departure checklists led Gatehouse to develop a web app designed  to help anyone sharing a recreational property reduce the stress and time property sharing issues can cause.
Examples of people who might use the app are:
  • Owners who let family and friends use their ski house and who would be interested a private scheduling calendar and maybe asking users to contribute a below market rent or or simply cover that week’s cleaning bill.
  • Co-owners such as siblings or cousins who have inherited a place and need any easier way to fairly schedule use and share expenses.
  • Co-renters who pool resources to rent a ski house and who need a central location to organize the calendar and communication.
  • Ski clubs or associations interested in an easier way for members to pay dues and schedule their visits.
Survey results will help guide development of the app by identifying the most critical issues faced by vacation property sharers:
Paul in his tutu. He skis every day, but not always in a tutu. Sometimes he tows a kite from his helmet.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

This week Harriet Wallis profiles two octogenarian skiers based in Utah. The older of the two, 89 year old Paul Jacobsen, likes to show off his springtime stuff skiing in a tutu. He hasn’t missed a day at Brighton for 25 seasons!

Mike tells us about planks and how this simple exercise is so effective at strengthening the core — essential for tightening your middle and getting more out of your ski day.
Finally, John Nelson takes us on a bike tour of Old Seattle. He states, “Using a bike and a little imagination, it’s fun to explore your city in different way.” It’s a terrific idea, and a particularly good read.

We’re publishing bi-weekly this summer. Our next issue will be available June 22. In the meanwhile, if you have ideas, comments, etc., drop us an email. 3″ x 3″ stickers are  in limited supply. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to, Box 416, Hamilton, MA. 01936, and they’ll be heading your way.



Quick note to World: Readers keep signing up — even with snow melted and bull wheels no longer turning. There are more of us every day. We are not going away.

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