Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Senior Skin Sun Protection, Tamarack Bargain Resort, Steamboat’s Masters’ Program, Learning To Ski As An Adult.

Brodie Mountain in Western MA was ground zero for St. Paddy’s Day Skiing. Ah, memories.
Credit: Brodie Mtn

There was a wicked big, late winter snowstorm in the Northeast this week.  While not living up to dire predictions, this one (Stella, according to the Weather Channel) brought yet more snow to the high country in NH, VT and Maine.  There is a LOT of skiing left out there, extending this on-again, off-again season yet more weeks.  We are reminded that last year at this time there were resorts closing or closed already.

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SLC-based Harriet Wallis tells us about an after-hours, walk-in injury clinic handy to Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, and Solitude, and run by the University of Utah Health Care Orthopedic Center. Nice to have competent, convenient help if things go awry on vacation.

Bay Area Correspondent Rose Marie Cleese reminds us what to do and think about if you’ve been on hiatus from skiing for a while or, if you or a person you know is considering taking up the sport at an advanced age.  We know many senior skiers who are coming to the sport through retirement from busy careers, recovery from long-time injury, seeking social connections or just plain curiosity.  The new equipment and techniques also make it a lot easier for seniors to re-start their skiing experience. If you are or know someone who is returning, her advice is quite important.  Are you a returnee? What’s your story?  I took a 20 year pause in my skiing when I was running my own business. It’s a different world, but that’s another story for another time.

The base at Tamarack Resort with sports and cafe domes and a snow rainbow.
Credit: Tamarack Resort

We hear from Oregon-based Yvette Cardozo about Tamarack, a resurrected resort in the middle of Idaho that offers amazing bargains for seniors.

Correspondent Tamsin Venn reports on the Mountain Masters’ program at Steamboat Springs, where seniors can gather in the morning and ski with a guide who matches ability with terrain.  And, that’s free, folks.  We love these kind of program that extend a special hand to seniors. This program is a sign that ski resorts are waking up to the potential of treating seniors nicely.

Finally, we hear from Justin, Thulin, MD, an SLC-based dermatologist, who advises us about skin protection.  If you’ve ever had a skin cancer removed, you know how disturbing the whole experience can be.  The best protection is prevention, so pay attention to his wise words.

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Thanks And Green Beer Tonight!

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Toast the old country this evening!  Remember there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.

Steamboat Mountain Master Guide Steve Cozette (red jacket) herds his charges down Two O’Clock.
Credit: Tamsin Venn

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