A Senior Boarder Tells All, Crazy Matterhorn Run, Products and Senior Day at Jack Frost.

We received a post card in the mail from a reader who explained that the weekly delivery of SeniorsSkiing.com to her electronic doorstep was lessened by hard-to-read, too-light blue lettering. Notice the new look. There are also some other subtle graphic changes that make it easier to read. Hope you like.

Heading down to Powder Mountain lodge, Dave Hayes took a couple of years to make the transition from skier to board.
David Hayes, former skier, now snowboarder descends to Powder Mountain (UT) lodge.

David Hayes, reader and senior snowboarder, sent in a comment complaining (in jest, he says) that we don’t have any snowboarder stories. So we asked him to write one. Here’s his journey from an avid skier to a pretty good boarder. There’s a video clip in there of him descending to the Powder Mountain (UT) lodge. David is going to write some more about the life of the senior boarder. We also refer you to our friend at graysontrays.com for some interesting posts.


We also ran across a really scary video clip of Nicolas Falquet, Swiss athlete, skiing from the pointy end of the Matterhorn. Makes you wonder, ahhh, why?

All season long, seniors can take a free, one-hour clinic on Wednesdays. Credit: Bill Runner
Jack Frost senior clinics
Credit: Bill Runner

Jack Frost Ski Area (PA) has a really great senior program that we wish other ski resorts would consider. There’s a free, hour-long clinic every week, terrific, right? Also in the middle of February, JF had a Senior Day featuring demonstrations and presentations. All low-cost, no-cost enhancements to the senior skiing experience. NSAA, are you listening?

Seattle-based correspondent John Nelson shows us Stevens Pass, the venerable Cascades resort. Find out how much they charge seniors. Amazing. Co-publisher Jon Weisberg tries out a ski parka that uses pumped air for inflation. See what he thinks about this novel idea. We always knew he was a bit flatulent.

Finally, what to do with your tattered ski socks at season’s end? Why, turn them into a gift scarf, of course. Find out how here. Sure, wash them first.

Clearing skies over Cowboy Mountain at Stevens Pass. Credit: John Nelson
Cowboy Mountain at Stevens Pass.
Credit: John Nelson


The season in the East has ended or will end soon. One industry member said of this year, “It certainly didn’t make the top ten.” Despite that, the weatherman is predicting a late spring snow storm for Boston. We’ll give you our observations of this season from this side of the continent.

There’s more going on out West. We’ll have some more Resort Reviews and ideas for products.

If you have story ideas or comments, please let us know.

Remember: There are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.

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