Sun Screen Explainer, Tremblant 1948, Private Ski Area Visit, Climate Change In New England Skiing, Visiting A Non-Profit Ski Resort, Senior Achievement: Notching Up Mega Vertical Feet.

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Hermitage Club inhabits Haystack Mt. as seen across the Deerfield Valley, VT.
Credit: Hermitage

This week has been busy at  We have an explainer on sun protection from Justin Thulin, MD, a dermatologist who spends a lot of time on Nordic skis at high altitude.

For ski history fans, we found a fascinating glimpse into the ski culture of the late 40s at Mt Tremblant. The video clip makes you wonder who those early-adopter, pioneering skiers were, where did they learn, how often did they ski?

What’s it like to ski or visit a private ski area? How can a curious non-member get a taste of the experience?  Correspondent Karen Lorentz was a guest at The Hermitage Club at Haystack in VT for a couple of days in March.  She reports on a way for non-members to get access to Hermitage for a visit without having member friends inviting them.  Check out her story here.

Spring Skiing 2016, somewhere in New England.
Credit: Mike Maginn

Climate change is happening, and it is already affecting the ski season in New England.  Find out what’s ahead for ski resorts and what entrepreneurs are doing to adapt to these changing conditions. We’ve posted an excellent WBUR Boston radio segment from the New England News Collaborative that reports on the threat and the response.  You can also read a transcript by following the link.

Correspondent Yvette Cardozo completes her round-up of Idaho ski resorts by reporting on Bogus Basin, a non-profit area what offers great skiing, short lift links and economical prices.  Are these kinds of low key, community-owned, local areas the analogue of a private area without the membership fee? Hmmm.

Finally, correspondent Marc Liebman and his brother Scott take on the Wasatch with vigor.  He has proof that they clocked 157,906 vertical feet in six days.  And he has three key lessons for seniors about skiing at Solitude, Deer Valley, Snowbird and Park City.

Spring skiing has officially started.  It’s going to last a month or so longer in the East.  We know the Sierra Tahoe resorts have plans on extending to…gulp…July.

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