Serious Senior Discounts Now, A Seattle Ski Area That Challenges, A New Energy Bar That Tastes Good, Poll Results: Are You Done?, And Fun—A Ski Slope On An Incinerator and Feedback Time for Old Man Winter.

Sometimes we need a little boost.

This week, we reveal the results of the latest poll directed primarily at Easterners.  We wanted to see how done with the season these folks are.  The numbers show predictable Yankee stubbornness in the face of a tough winter. And, yeah, it snowed on the first day of Spring in Boston. Cue the horns of irony.

Speaking of which, we received a really funny video from Killington where the GM gives Old Man Winter a little performance review feedback.  If you’ve had any corporate background, this one may appear familiar.  We guess laughing at this winter in the East is a lot better than crying.  Much better to look ahead.

If you are looking ahead, you will see some amazing and short-availability discounts for seniors this year. New Hampshire-based Joan Wallen names a few places in New England where season passes are cheap.  Sugarbush is offering a $99 mid-week pass for seniors again this year, but only until May 4.  Other offers are in Joan’s report.

Seattle correspondent John Nelson visits Alpental, a Snoqualmie Pass resort about 50 miles from town that offers a lot of thrilling skiing and deep, deep senior discounts.

Pat McCloskey reports on an alternative to bland-tasting energy bars.  Munk Pack, his discovery from Canada, has flavor plus a decent amount of carbos.

Finally, co-publisher Jon Weisberg reports on another important development in urban skiing.  We’ve seen ski slopes from the top of condo developments.  For this one, a ski slope loops down from a energy-generating incinerator.  And it blows smoke rings.  Don’t ask.  Just read.


We’re expecting a season wrap from California, some more fun product information, and whatever comes in over the transom. We’d love your comments, advice, suggestions.

In a few weeks, we will be posting our Subscribers’ End-Of-Season Survey. It will be short and to the point.

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