Out Like A Lamb? Special Request, Report From The Sierras, Face Tape, Top All Time Skis, A Lesson At 72.

Hangmans at Mammoth. Pat calls the big mountain a hybrid between corporate and local.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

We know all about the monster winter that is not going away soon.  Yet more snow coming out West, pushing the snowpack over 160 percent of normal. That is certainly testing the endurance of our Western skiers.  Here in the East, we are facing yet another remarkable snowfall coming this weekend.  So, on-again for this binary season in New England. Bye, bye, March.

In any case, we have a special request you can read in Short Swings.  We are prospecting for the right advertisers for our audience, and we think we’ve found the perfect match.  We are asking you, our readers, to help us make the case with one particular advertiser who we know is right for SeniorsSkiing.com. Check our special request.

Pat McCloskey brings us an interesting perspective on the difference between “ski areas” and “ski resorts”, based on his annual pilgrimage to the High Sierras with his skiing buddies.

We hear from Jennifer Carlson who tried out Anti-Freeze Tape recently at Alta.  Her reactions and those in her social sphere are quiet amusing.  This is a real product, probably a life saver for some applications. Face tape. Hmmm.

Jackson Hogen, the publisher of realskiers.com, invites us to read about the Top Skis Of All Time.  Thanks to him for letting us republish this article from realskiers.

Finally, we have a report of what it is like for a head-strong senior who takes a lesson and finds change and new things more difficult than expected.  What’s your reaction to learning new things at an advanced age?

We will be heading up to Stowe for the International Ski History Association Hall of Fame induction ceremony next weekend.  Notably we have two members of our Advisory Board being honored by ISHA.  Congratulations to Bernie Weischel and Gretchen Rous Besser for their contributions to snow sports.

April brings transition in many parts of snow country.  We at SeniorsSkiing.com will also be gradually transitioning into our usual range of other topics of interest—exercise, cycling, other sports we know you love to take part in.  Stay with us.

And remember, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.


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