Stay conditioned to keep skiing. It’s a message I, not as well-conditioned as I’d like to be, think of every time I feel the need to take a break. The other day, I took a few runs with a couple from Arkon, OH. It was their third day at elevation and he, 75, was feeling it. Fortunately they’ll be out for the next month. I’m confident his normal stamina will return.

That said, John Nelson reports on 74 year-old Fred Frost who clocks between 35,000 and 40,000 vertical feet every ski day at Whitefish Mountain in Montana. Fred is a local marvel who racks up 4+million vertical a season!

Marc Liebman gives his advice on what to do to stay conditioned. His practical guidance explains why exercise needs to change as we age. I had the pleasure of skiing with Marc and his brother recently. They were skiing between 27,000 and 30,000 vertical a day.

If that sounds tiring, check Yvette Cardozo’s account of snowmobiling in Idaho to remote natural hot springs. She and friends did it at Brundage Mountain. Looks like a terrific adventure with a hot soak as reward.

Finally, Harriet Wallis gives us a tour of the sculpted delights on Deer Valley’s Last Chance beginner’s run. It is a must-see for grandchildren. Even if kids aren’t a factor, if you visit Deer Valley, ski the run and see the numerous houses graced with cute carved animals doing amusing things.

The next reader survey will be on your screens when Mike returns next week from sailing in the BVIs. Personally, I’d rather be skiing. (My wife would have an entirely different point of view.)

For those who may have encountered difficulties with the Experticity discount program we appreciate your patience. We hope to resolve the issue soon.

In the meanwhile, keep visiting and referring it to your friends. Our numbers — just like the numbers of seniors who like to play in the snow — are growing. There are a lot of us, and we are not going away!

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