Easter/Passover/Spring Arrives, Song Sample, Stumped-The-Crowd Mystery Glimpse, New XC Editor, Ski Boot History, Season Pass Quandary Redux, Big Sky Report, Big Party At Alta For 94-Year-Old Skiin’ Guy.

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This week is a milestone pivot point for the 2017-18 ski season; it’s Springtime in full glory, and ordinarily parkas come off, t-shirts abound, zaniness ensues, and the snow sport world looks like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with bunnies galore.

This year, snow will still be falling in the Northwest and Upper Rocky Mountains.  According to OpenCountry’s Joel Gratz, snow showers will continue this week with a big storm in the possible future for all the mountains out there at the end of next week.  Clearly, this season is hanging on, and if you’ve put your skis away for the season, time to rethink.

The Sierras have a huge base, and corn snow seems to be growing out there. In the East, several New England resorts are extending their season for a couple of weeks, deep into April. See Jon’s Short Swings column for more information.  If you haven’t tried spring skiing, you have a perfect chance this year. Wear sun screen. Bring a t-shirt with a relevant message. There’s plenty of snow in the mountains.

Ray Conrad Ski Songs Of The 60s Available Now.

Last week, we announced that you can now download a collection of ski songs recorded by Ray Conrad back in the 60s. The response from our readers has been quite impressive. Nostalgia rules, we think. Here’s a sample of one of Ray’s songs, one of our favorites, “Two Cubes And A Slug Of VO”.  Click below to play and listen. Fun stuff.  TO ORDER AND DOWNLOAD ALL 16 SONGS, CLICK HERE.

This Week

Mystery Glimpse Unsolved. No one guessed who that rugged looking skier was from last week’s Mystery Glimpse. Click here to find out who he was.  Quite a personality, and, had he survived, he clearly would have made a much more lasting impression on the world of snow sports. This week’s Mystery Glimpse is also a real puzzler, thank to the Museum of Sierra Ski History and 1960 Olympics.

You will also see that Roger Lohr, publisher of XCSkiResorts.com and a frequent contributor to SeniorsSkiing.com has now joined as Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoe editor.  XC skiing is a terrific sport for seniors; it’s safe, accessible, inexpensive, and brings many benefits of movement, achievement, and the joy of being outdoors. Snowshoeing is also terrific for older former skiers. We love to cross-country ski right across the street in Appleton Farms. It’s something you can do basically all your life and never get tired of it. Roger brings his expertise to our pages, and we welcome him.

And here’s Roger’s story on spring cross-country skiing.

Marc Liebman, another frequent SeniorsSkiing.com correspondent, weighs in on why ski boot design has lagged in innovation. Basically, the fundamental concept of your current ski boot is the same as those old Rosemounts you had in college.  Check out his story.

The season pass uproar surrounding the IKON versus M.A.X. pass doesn’t seem to be fading away.  Here’s another opinion from correspondent Don Burch who focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of each for Eastern skiers.

Co-publisher Jon Weisberg reports on another stop on his now-famous ski trip through Idaho and Montana.  He skied Big Sky and found it, well, big.  Check out his story.

Correspondent Harriet Wallis honors 94 year old Bob Murdoch, who is the second oldest member of Alta famous Wild Old Bunch. Here’s her report on his birthday party and how he started skiing at Alta before there were lifts.  Think about that for a second. Congratulations Bob.  Keep on keepin’ on.

Discounts For Seniors

Please visit our Discounts For Seniors page.  There are some unusual and useful products that you purchase for yourself or as gifts.  Just click on the ad you like to go the vendor’s site.

This week, we are highlighting Parakito Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent.  “What?” you say, “Mosquito repellant?” Yes, think about it. Summer is coming, and some people just don’t get along with DEET and other potions found in commercial products.  Parakito is different with natural ingredients and can be used with wristbands and various clip-on devices and roll on dispensers.  Check out their comments section to see what users have to say. Yes, it is definitely different, and it might just keep those nasty skeeters away from you this summer.

Remember mosquitoes can carry some nasties that result more than an itch.



Thanks again so much for reading SeniorsSkiing.com.  Please tell your friends, and remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.

Snow in the Sierra last week. Credit: Nathan Kushian







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