Many of you took advantage of the new Discounts for Seniors page.

New advertisers joined the program in the past week. We encourage you to visit the page and take a look. Jon and I are selecting advertisers we think you’ll like. To participate in the program, they commit to giving a decent discount.

For example, Wild West Jerky is a small, artisanal jerky maker in the tiny town of Levan, Utah. The community is supposed to be in the geographic center of the state. Knowing this, early Mormon pioneers wanted to name their town, Navel, but the more pious among them were reluctant to do so. Their compromise was to spell navel backwards.

According to Jon, who considers himself a jerky junkie, Wild West makes the best product he’s ever tasted. The company uses all organic meats (beef, pork, buffalo, elk, salmon), processes it by hand, and keeps everything purely natural.

Wild West gives readers a 20% discount.

CP Visor Helmets, which makes stylish, practical helmets with a built-in visor that eliminates the need for goggles is selling its product to readers for 20% off.

And Tipsy Elves is offering15% off its selection of retro and silly outfits. If you want to stand out at an end of season party, click on the Tipsy Elves ad.




This week, Harriet Wallis profiles the very active 82-year old, Barbara Stewart, whose father founded Sundance, the Utah resort associated with Robert Redford.

Tamsin Venn tells us about Park City’s new silver mining history tour on skis. Included is a short video of the ore train the resort used in its early days to transport skiers to the bottom of a 1,700′ elevator ride after which they’d get on a chairlift!

Marc Liebman explains how High Fives Foundation is helping skiers and other severely injured athletes get through recovery.

Jon gives his picks for Salt Lake City restaurants that many visitors to Ski City USA may not know about. He also reviews Pebble Creek in Southeast Idaho, a good place to visit with wonderful hot springs nearby.


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Someone mentioned more than 10,000 Boomers retire every day. An unkown percentage of them must be skiers. Twenty percent of all US skiers and boarders are 52+. We’re an important force in skiing, and we’re not going away.


  1. I am going to retire in 8 weeks and want to get the best ski pas for next winter. I live in Phila and am willing to go to CO, Utah, Wyoming and CA. I also will do the east coast and up to Canada. Is the IKON or epic the best?

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Maggie, Congratulations on your retirement! The answer to your question depends on which areas you plan to visit and how long you plan to be at each. That way you can determine which option will work best for you. While shopping, check out the Mountain Collective, currently on sale for $409. Jon

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