More Ticks, More Storage Ideas, Sharks That Swim Under Snow, Oh Boy.

Don’t go near the…snow. Avalanche Sharks are out there.

Thanks to all our readers who responded to our Spring Subscriber Survey 2017.  We had an incredible 28 percent response rate. If you are familiar with surveys, you will instantly see that is an extraordinary number.  Our readers—you guys—are definitely engaged in our online magazine/community.  And the comments and advice you offered were wise, humbling and most encouraging.  We are very grateful for your input.  More on what we learned later.

One thing we learned immediately from scanning the responses is that many readers looking for other people to ski or travel with. There are at least two avenues to pursue:

  1. Check out the 70+ Ski Club, a group of seniors who ski together on trips around North America and Europe.  [You don’t have to be 70+ to join, by the way.]
  2. Find a ski club near you. We have partnered with the National Ski Council Federation—an umbrella group of ski clubs across the US—and have posted a link to their map of clubs.  Just go to the map, click on your city and you will get names of ski clubs and the email addresses of club officers.

As for this week, we continue some themes from last week. Correspondent Val E., a specialist in retail and ski industry products, adds tips for the careful storage of gear over the summer. A few simple steps now can avoid complex steps later.

Steve Hines, our outdoorsman and Wilderness First Responder, offers Part 2 on the tick infestation we are experiencing. This time he discusses treatment and prevention. This is serious business folks; he also reminds us to pay attention to the Powassan virus, another tick-carried disease that is serious and even deadly.  If you spend any time in the woods this summer, this is important stuff.

Finally, we have a movie review to share.  Avalanche Sharks is a modern monster movie featuring an avalanche, a bikini contest at a ski resort, and sharks that swim under the snow. Seriously, that’s the plot.  Check out review and see the trailer here.

Finally, finally, here’s why you may be asked to enter your email address when you come to  It’s the most common comment/complaint we get here at World Headquarters.

If you are being asked to re-enter your email to confirm your subscription to, you might be a bit annoyed.  We don’t blame you, but there is an explanation.

  • You are accessing through a device that is different from the one you originally signed up on. Subscribing to puts a “cookie” on your device.  If you use a different device, no cookie, so you are viewed as a non-subscriber. If you re-enter name and password, you’ll be okay with the new device.
  • You have disabled cookies or cleared browser history on your device. Turn cookies back on, and you’ll not have to re-enter again, or leave it disabled and realize you have to re-enter each time.  Your call.
  • You are trying to access our Subscriber-Only Content.  Instead of building a firewall that requires usernames and passwords, we elected a much simpler way of getting to our exclusive content: Just confirm your name and email.  You will have to do that each time you want to get to that information, which, by the way, is under the Community tab at the top.

Next week, we’ll get into more summer activities. For now, we are experiencing a cool and wet mid-Spring  here in New England.

Thanks for reading  And remember, folks, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.

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