Survey Launch, Hiking Boots, Basics Of Fly Fishing, John Christie Passing.

Skiers are attracted to fly-fishing because of the skills, the outdoors, and the lore. Credit: Jan Brunvand
Credit: Jan Brunvand

As we write this, our Spring Survey 2016 was sent out just over three hours ago, and we are already approaching a 10 percent response rate.  Three Hours!  Thank you all so much.  We really, really appreciate your support.  If you haven’t responded yet, please join the crowd.

This week features Steve Hine’s story on the highlights of picking hiking boots.  We went to Steve’s REI store for boots before we hiked the Routeburn Track in New Zealand.  Steve’s advice was spot on, and the boots he recommended were fantastic choices for that rugged walk.

We also hear from Jan Brunvand who is switching from one favorite pastime—skiing—to another.  His article on fly-fishing contains some truly wise suggestions for getting involved in this very attractive sport. Anyone can learn the simple basics of casting and fly selection in a few days.  However, the intrigue and delight of fly-fishing is learning the sophisticated intricacies and arcana.  That’s a long range journey. Careful, you can get hooked very easily.

Finally, the ski world lost John Christie whose presence in the business of running resorts and associations goes back at least five decades.  John was a legend in Northeast skiing, founding, owning and managing some of New England’s biggest and well known resorts. We are extremely proud to have published an article in March that John submitted to us about his re-discovery of Nordic Skiing. We are saddened greatly to lose a friend and writer.

Next Week

On we go into mid-Spring.  More Cycling Series, more product information, interesting historical glimpses and perhaps an oddity or two about seniors and sports.

Remember to please respond to our SeniorsSkiing’s Spring Survey 2016.  And don’t forget, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.


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