Survey Results Highlights, Trailmaster Statistics, Fitness Focus Series Starts, Senior Woman Skier Wanted.

Click on the picture to learn how to do a body squat.
Credit: New York Times

This week, we have waded through the responses to the Spring Subscriber Survey 2017 and, by analyzing the data, we are discovering exactly who our readers are.  Jon does a nice job summarizing the main points of the research.  Thank you for responding; we had an incredible 27% response rate again. That’s really an impressive sign of engagement of our readers.  We continue to be awestruck how much our readers want to continue to be a voice for them.

We are also announcing statistics on our Trailmasters, those readers who “skied their age”, that is, the number of days equal to or exceeding their age.  This year, we had 77 respondents who qualified as Trailmasters.  The statistics on their average age, number of days skied, and number of years as a skier are interesting. We will publish the full list of names when we verify the topmost super skiers.

We are also starting a summer series this week we’re calling Fitness Focus.  Respondents to our survey suggested we have more articles on fitness, so here you go.  With each edition over the summer, we plan to focus on one exercise, stretch, pose, activity that can benefit seniors’ conditioning.  Our inaugural article is on the squat which can be performed as moving exercise or as a yoga pose.  It’s considered one of the “essential” exercises.  Hope you like the series.

Finally, we were approached by a talent agency who is looking for a senior female skier who can appear in a TV commercial.  The timing is tight, so if you know someone, take some quick action.  Click here for the details.

We will be starting our summer schedule next week.  That means, we’re going to be publishing every other week instead of weekly.  We’ll still be at world headquarters, however, so if you have ideas, comments, etc., you know where to find us.

If you want a few 3″ x 3″ stickers, just send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope to, Box 416, Hamilton, MA. 01936.  We’ve already received many letters from far and wide, even a nice chap from Australia has sent for some.

And remember, dear readers, there are definitely more of us every day, and we are not going away.


  1. Please send me some Senior Skiing stickers.
    7021 Cottontail Court
    Springfield, VA. 22153

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Okay, but we usually ask for a self-addressed stamped envelope. We’ll front you the .50 cents for mailing, M. Birge.

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