Cinco de Mayo Skiing, Skiing On Stones, Why Re-Enter Name/Email?, Storing Skis, Ticks Are Coming.

Proof that more than one person has skied the scree in Austria.

The responses to our Spring Survey 2017 are rolling in.  Thank you for your encouraging comments and suggestions.  It is very heartening to know there are so many readers out there who are rooting for us and for senior skiing.  Yes, we are trying to promote senior discounts. And we will continue to highlight the “second-tier” ski areas where discounts are more generous and skiing more…relaxed.  And yes, we will have more articles on fitness and gear reviews.  So much helpful information.

If you haven’t responded, there is still time. We’ll send out a reminder soon.

Spring skiing in Arizona?  Who woulda thunk?  But here it is. Arizona Ski Bowl is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with open lifts. Click below to see short news story.

“Why Do I Have To Re-Enter My Name and Email Address?”

If you are being asked to re-enter your email to confirm your subscription to, you might be a bit annoyed.  We don’t blame you, but there is an explanation.

  • You are accessing through a device that is different from the one you originally signed up on. Subscribing to puts a “cookie” on your device.  If you use a different device, no cookie, so you are viewed as a non-subscriber. If you re-enter name and password, you’ll be okay with the new device.
  • You have disabled cookies or cleared browser history on your device. Turn cookies back on, and you’ll not have to re-enter again, or leave it disabled and realize you have to re-enter each time.  Your call.
  • You are trying to access our Subscriber-Only Content.  Instead of building a firewall that requires usernames and passwords, we elected a much simpler way of getting to our exclusive content: Just confirm your name and email.  You will have to do that each time you want to get to that information, which, by the way, is under the Community tab at the top.

Co-publisher Jon Weisberg found a place in this whacky world where people ski on rocks.  Okay, we’ve seen skiers in canoes going down ski trails, surfers wearing skis, skiers in streets and urban parks, but this one gets the nutsy award.  Okay, maybe once to say you’ve done it, but not every weekend. Check it out.

Lyme’s tell-tale ring rash appears 36-48 hours after a tick bite.

Correspondent Steve Hines brings us the first part of a two-part series on Lyme disease. We know our readers are active summer people, many cyclists and hikers.  The news is that Lyme is spreading, no longer the exclusive disease of New England.  It pays to pay attention to this; having Lyme disease is a serious condition. The good news is it can be avoided.

Finally, Correspondent Don Burch gives us some tips on putting our gear away.  If you haven’t thought about storing your equipment with just a little TLC, now is the time to rectify.  We typically thrown our boot and ski bags down by the furnace after our last outing without so much as a fare-thee-well.  Not a good idea.



Our sticker, free with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Finally, finally, if you’d like a sticker, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to, Box 416, Hamilton, MA. 01936. We will send you a couple for sticking on things.

We appreciate our readers more and more every day.  Thanks again so very much for your responses to our new survey.  Keep ’em coming.  And remember, folks, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.



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