Exotic, Remote Places To Ski, 50 Years Of Ski Racing, 85-Year-Old Skier On A Mission And More.

Challenging the famous "Corrugated Spines" of Alaska's Tsirku Glacier. From North Face's Big Mountain Adventure video series.
Challenging the famous “Corrugated Spines” of Alaska’s Tsirku Glacier. From North Face’s Big Mountain Adventure video series.

This has been an extraordinary week in the world of sports.  Ski resorts are opening up all over the country, even in New England! Snow is here. Check Short Swings! for more industry news. And, amazingly and gloriously, the Chicago Cubs managed to come back from a three to one game deficit to win three straight and the World Series after a 108 year drought.  Curses are erased, and history is made.  Now if the Boston Red Sox could just regroup…

A reminder to our readers.  The Ski and Snowboard Expos are here, starting today in Denver and in Boston from November 10-13.  Our readers can get a discount if you order through the SeniorsSkiing.com site.  Just click the link at the top of the page.  Going to the ski show is a sure-fire way to get motivated and take advantage of deals on equipment and resort discounts.

Co-publisher Jon Weisberg brings us two sets of exciting videos featuring skiing and boarding in really exotic places.  Check out these videos as the scenery is extraordinary.

Thanks to the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance, we found a compilation of ski racing, starting with the 1960s and going up to present day. The scenes from different decades are more or less taken from similar perspective, so you can easily see how equipment and styles change over the years.

Finally, we learn about John Andrews, an 85-year-old, Washington-state, retired Boeing executive who is determined to ski at every ski resort in North America.  This is a monumental goal that has taken John from Newfoundland to the tiniest hills of Tennessee. Find out how many he’s already crossed off the list.



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