New Features: Industry News, Ski Recommendations For Seniors, Plus Advice On Carving, And An Often-Neglected Miracle Drug.

Pat McCloskey's article on the Modern Ski Turn explores the power of what you see Ted Ligety doing. Credit: NY Times
Pat McCloskey’s article on the Modern Ski Turn in this week’s edition explores the power of what you see Ted Ligety doing above.
Credit: NY Times

As the season ramps up in the West (A-Basin opens today!) and snow forecasts start to appear in Vermont, is moving into snow season mode. There are some important new features we are launching this week.

  • Short Swings! is our brand new round-up of industry news organized by state.  Many ski resorts, equipment vendors and others in the industry have discovered and have sent us buckets of news almost every day.  We decided to start a new weekly feature that gives you access to this information.  Tell us what you think.
  • The Best Skis For Seniors.  We are often asked for equipment recommendations for seniors, particularly skis. We are very excited to announce that we’ve worked with, a much-respected source of technical evaluations of skis and other equipment. The result is a list of 38 skis just for seniors culled from the many than were tested by This is an exclusive, FREE offering for our subscribers who have already been sent a notice and link for downloading the article.  New subscribers will receive the link when they submit their email address.  This is a big deal, folks, and we hope you find this a valuable addition to

With snow in the air in so many places, we thought we’d help you start think about the season. Correspondent and PSIA instructor Pat McCloskey offers some pre-season advice to seniors about the modern ski turn.  We are guilty of buying new, shaped skis and never taking a lesson on them.  This year, Pat’s article encourages everyone to think about technique, and we are sure going to take a lesson to put this advice to work.

Finally, we hear about the critical importance of hydration for seniors, especially active seniors.  If you are exercising in any way, you are going to have to replace fluids.  If you don’t, you will suffer some unpleasant symptoms.  It’s a personal story from one of our editors, one that we hope you find useful.

So let the lifts start to spin.  We are getting ready.  And remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.


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