Congratulating The Ski Diva, Warren Miller’s Latest, Exercise Tips Part 1, Retail Drop Ins.

Warren Miller and
Warren Miller and Ward Baker as original ski bums in a scene from Warren’s newest, “Here, There & Everywhere.” Credit: Warren Miller Personal Archive.

What a flurry of activity we’ve had around since the publication of our ski recommendations for senior skiers!  We welcome the many new subscribers who found their way to our online magazine through Facebook and Huffington post.  We hope you like our editorial content, now approaching 450 stories and articles, and please visit our advertisers.  Come back often.

If you are already a subscriber, note that we sent you an email containing a link to our ski recommendations for seniors on Oct 14th.  Check your inbox if you want to download this terrific asset, all free of course.

In this week’s Short Swings!, our new industry news feed, we salute our friend and colleague The Ski Diva whose women’s online forum and blog won a prestigious award from the North American Snowsports Journalists Association.  Other news includes which ski area opened first in New England and selected industry tidbits.

Co-publisher Jon Weisberg was lucky to have a chance to review Warren Miller’s newest movie, Here, There & Everywhere, which goes from awesome ski cinematography to nostalgic reminisces from Warren himself, who, at 92, is an inspiration to us all.

With the snow sports season happening in some places and looming in others, it is definitely time to spend some time toning up.  Whether you’ve been hiking, cycling or golfing this summer, you might want to consider doing some exercises for legs and hips. When you try them, you’ll soon see how ready you are for slopes or trails.  We worked with Rick Silverman, a physical therapist, to guide us through the first of a series of basic, relatively easy exercises that focus on legs and hips.  In future editions, Rick will ratchet up the intensity of these exercises.  Please, don’t go out for your first run or trail loop without getting physically ready.  Big mistake.

Finally, we asked three correspondents to visit three ski shops in three different parts of the country to find out what’s hot for seniors this year.  Our retail round-up has an array of interesting product recommendations and gift suggestions. Bluetooth-controlled heated socks, anyone?

Take advantage of the discounts being offered by our advertisers.  Click through to their sites.  That’s helps all of us and shows everyone the influence that senior snow sports enthusiasts have.

And remember, everyone, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away!

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