Senior Season Pass Discount Deals, BC Big Boy Resort, Tandem Warren Miller Movie And Book Reviews.

Get ready for the new season with some mind candy from Warren Miller.
Get ready for the new season with some mind candy from Warren Miller.

The snow season continues to emerge from the fall weather.  There’s snow at high elevations through the Northwest and, in the East, there is definitely a snap in the air and the leaves are turning.

This week in we welcome Michael Warner’s new site which focus solely on discounts for senior skiers. We salute Michael for putting a spotlight on skiing seniors and highlighting what resorts are super senior-friendly.  It is a move we hope the ski industry notices as we aren’t going away, are we?

Correspondent Yvette Cardozo also puts a spotlight on Revelstoke, a BC resort with big steeps and incredibly great deals for seniors, especially with the Canadian dollar’s exchange rate. A five-day pass up there runs about $167-$182 US.  Think about that. A five-day pass.

Finally, we honor an influential ski industry pioneer who probably brought more people to snow sports than storybook racers and celebrity instructors, We bet that you saw those Warren Miller movies back in the 60s and 70s which mixed scenes of graceful ski turns down beautiful mountains with goofy comic scenes and quips.  We also bet that many people actually learned—at least subliminally—their first ski moves from watching Warren Miller’s films. It’s called “vicarious learning” by the psychologists, we know for sure we learned the rhythm of turning from watching those movies.

Co-publisher Jon Weisberg previews WME’s new film, “Here, There, and Everwhere”, where Warren answers the question “What do people get out of skiing?”  Correspondent Karen Loretz reviews Warren’s autobiography, “Freedom Found,” which tells his surprising back story about how filming outdoor adventures provided purpose to a young man looking for direction.

Upcoming, we will have some news about some other new developments about ski selection for seniors. And suggestions about where seniors can find skiing buddies.  Stay tuned.

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