Snow Sports Leader Interview, Awesome Mountain Biking By Senior Crew in WVA, Kudos To The Ski Diva.

Not easy these WV rock pots. But that's why correspondent Pat McCloskey and his senior cyclist pals took them on. Credit: Pat McCloskey
Not easy these WV rock pots. But that’s why correspondent Pat McCloskey and his senior cyclist pals took them on.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Labor Day is at last behind us.  We’re getting closer to snow season and, guess what, we’ve heard that there are folks making runs in Montana on scratchy and almost covered trails.  So it begins, the season of 2016-17.  There are so many big discount deals for season tickets out there right now.  Some of these deals have cut-off dates so let’s get on it, fellas and gals.  It’s hard to think snow when we are dealing with humid, rainy days—at least here in New England—but, well, you said you wanted discounts.  Now is the time.

This week, we interviewed a true industry leader: Bernie Weichsel, the impresario of the BEWI Ski and Snowboard Expos, the biggest snow shows in the business.  Actually, Bernie and our co-publisher Mike Maginn met in the early 70s, when both were young and casting about in the ski business.  Bernie worked for the Harry Leonard ski show organization, and Mike was a junior editor for SKIING.  Curious that their paths crossed again more than 40 years later. Bernie offers his wisdom on why skiing is the way it is, the role of seniors and what he sees in the future.  Thanks, Bernie for your time.

We also have a final Cycling Series report for the non-snow season from correspondent Pat McCloskey.  Pat gathered a group of senior cyclists and managed to find some “Black Diamond” biking in the hills of West Virginia.  They were guided by Sue Haywood, a mountain biking National Champ, who took Pat and the lads down and up some major technicals.

Finally, our “sister site”, The Ski Diva, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week.  We are so proud to know  The Ski Diva and to have learned from her about niche audiences, the internet and the ski business when was starting out two years ago. Salute to The Ski Diva; it’s a fabulous online community for women snow sports enthusiasts.

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