It’s Warm In The East, And The Rockies Are Turning White.

So it makes sense that one of the articles in this week’s package reviews the Tannus tubeless foam-filled bicycle tire and another explains why this is the best time to purchase a season pass.

Harriet Wallis, an active biker, skier, and contributor wrote the piece on the foam tire. If you’re considering that as an option, it’s worth seeing her critique.

Mike “Bear Foot” Warner publishes His piece on the economy of passes, even if they’ll be used for a portion of the season, is well-reasoned. Next month, we’ll add to the discussion when we publish our comprehensive listing of all the U.S. areas where seniors ski free.

Remember ski ballet, the short-lived Olympic demonstration event? Jon’s reminiscence about that graceful form of skiing is fun to read. The vintage Bogner video featuring Suzy Chaffee and John Eaves is a joy to watch.

Thanks for subscribing to and for being a part of this growing community of older skiers. We still have stickers available. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:, Box 416, Hamilton, MA 01936. A new design is in the works.

In nautical terms, Senior Skiers are the stabilizing keel of the ski industry. As a group we represent 20% of total US skiers/boarders. Per capita, we ski more frequently and spend more than younger population segments. The industry sees youth and other factors as the fuel that keeps it sailing toward the future. That’s why it markets to younger generations. Senior skiers have power and influence. There are more of us every day; we aren’t going away.

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