First Snow! New Cat Skiing Operation. Long Poles. Plus-Sized Ski Clothing.

Early One Pole Skiers
Early One Pole Skiers

I’m writing this from Utah where, a few days ago, Snowbird received it’s first snowfall. It’s an exciting precursor to the coming season. On Saturday, I’ll attend First Chair Festival, a ski-oriented street and film festival. Also from this weird and beautiful state is news of Whisper Ridge, a 50,000 acre cat skiing operation with three luxurious yurt villages and catering by one of Utah’s top chefs. Here’s the clincher: it’s about an hour from the airport! Can’t wait to review this developing powder paradise.

Three really interesting articles are in this week’s package.

At the top of the stack is a wonderful piece by Alan Engen, of the great Engen ski family. He tells the story of Ruth Rogers Altmann, who in her youth in Austria learned to ski using the long pole method and then learned the two-pole technique. This is must reading for anyone interested in ski history.

The next article covers long pole skiing as practiced in the remote Altai Mountains. People there have used skis to hunt and travel for thousands of years. Technology has not advanced in that part of the world. On this side of the globe, there’s a nascent movement to bring back long pole skiing. That, too, is covered in the article.

Finally, there’s a candid, and amusing, article on the difficulties associated with finding plus-sized ski clothing. Yvette Cardoso does an excellent job of spelling out the issues.

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