As you may know by now, founder Jon Weisberg passed away suddenly a few months ago and will be sorely missed for his love of winter sports and his importance to the industry.

Let me introduce myself as the new publisher.  Some of you already know me from my work with the 70+ Ski Club, which was founded by my grandfather in 1977.

So it’s in my DNA to share my love of skiing and a main reason I decided to continue the website. I’m grateful to Jon for generously sharing his knowledge and giving me the confidence to continue his work. 

I’m delighted to announce longtime travel journalist and winter sports writer Evelyn Kanter has joined the website as Editor.  Evelyn is passionate about snow sports and together with a talented group of contributors we will be bringing you a steady stream of great articles.

I appreciate your ongoing support of  Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we are doing. 

Richard Lambert, Publisher


  1. Susie Asado says:

    Very happy to see this websites continuation !

  2. Glad to see you’re back! Do you welcome contributions.

  3. Glad you will continue his great work. I’ve been wondering about this the past few weeks.

  4. Wonderful news!

  5. Good to see this Richard, thanks

  6. Dee Carpenter says:

    Where is the best place for a senior citizen to learn to ski where the slope is gradual,,, also where do you recommend to learn cross country skiing? I just want to learn to go casually down a slope. Thanks so much!

    • Brettonwoods hands down! Great grooming, wide beginner and intermediate runs, brand new 6 pack slow load gondola, it all makes it easy to learn and keeps it easy for older skiers. Don’t even look anywhere else. And the views can’t be purchased: straight across to the Mt Washington and down to the historic red roofed historic Mt Washington hotel where the world monetary system was conceived at meetings there after WW2

    • I have been going to Purgatory (Durango Co.) since the 1998-1999 season.
      I put my Grand Kids into lessons, 2 of whom are now advanced.
      Purgatory starts at the very base with very tame runs and you can graduate at your own pace.
      I suggest a 1/2 day private lesson, expensive but you get the full attention of the instructor.
      Stay in downtown at 6500 feet to help getting use to the altitude The ski mountain which starts at about 8900 ft.
      Durango is a REAL town with great restaurants and history

    • Hi Dee! If a trip westward is in your plans, several ski areas in and around the Lake Tahoe/Reno area have excellent programs for seniors. I recommend taking a look at Mt. Rose, where I am an instructor ( 70 year old). The mountain is very skiable with a new lift service excellent green and blue terrain. Our ski school offers a Silver (senior) ski and snowboard clinic on Mondays and Wednesdays (2nd day is new this year) and a Ladies clinic on Thursdays. Details here–
      Our clinics are taught by PSIA instructors, typically with 20+ years of experience, and with a special certification for senior instruction.

  7. Brian Webber says:

    Greetings from Montreal. Glad to see you have picked up the torch.

  8. Edie Sylvester says:

    Great luncheon

  9. Welcome Back.. Have a nice time ahead

  10. Richard Kunz says:

    Hi Richard, Greetings from Idaho. I’m excited for another great ski season. I look forward to skiing and visiting with you this year. Time to put my snow tires on the car. Have Ski, Will Travel!

  11. As a member of 70+ ski club for around 10 or so years, Richard Lambert has been a delight to plan and organize many trips each season.
    He is very down to earth, and wonderful for us old guys to continue the sport we love.
    Much success to Richard on his new situation with Senior Skiers
    Dick Brooks – 85+ patch wearer

  12. Wonderful news. Thank you and Evelyn for stepping up. Ed Schultz in upstate NY.

  13. Dennis James says:

    Great News to see the continuation of Senior Skiing! Wishing you the BEST! Dennis James

  14. Greetings from snowy Colorado! Thank you for picking up the torch, and wishing you the very best. Rich Spritz

  15. Congratulations Richard! Your knowledge, experience, and wry humor will be much appreciated as you carry on this torch.

  16. Marc Liebman says:

    Wonderful.. Was wondering what happened. I miss my conversations with Jon about where the ski industry was going and other topics!!!

  17. Robert Gallagher says:

    Thank you for taking over from Jon! I used to listen to Lloyd Lambert on his radio ski broadcast. I grew up in northern VT. I have a picture of me with my Northland skis from 1939. I lived
    near Stowe and Mad River so my life tracks the evolution of skiing in the US. I have more than a casual interest in the history of skiing.
    The little stories about the places and people brought back many fond memories. Upon retirement from the real world in 1995 I was a full time PSIA Certified instructor. Covid convinced me to retire from teaching in 2020. The skiing tips and info for seniors were also valuable. Often instructors don’t know the technique, physical, mental, and equipment adjustments that can help seniors ski safely and joyfully into their eighties. Best wishes with continuing the fine
    publication Jon created.

  18. Congratulations! What a happy surprise. Altho we will miss Jon (I met him when we were at Alta) I know you will be wonderful as editor. Best of luck.

  19. Jim Gregory says:

    Yo Evelyn…

    Congratulations on being named the editor of
    You are the perfect person for the job. I know you’ll do a great job. I look forward to seeing you on a trip this year. I’ll be at Mammoth, Utah and Aspen/Snowmass. Possibility of going to the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in March. Anyway… keep ’em pointed downhill.

  20. So glad you will be carrying on Jon’s legacy!

  21. Wow, Richard! I can’t think of anyone more perfect for Seniorskiing! And Evelyn, I love reading your articles! Congratulations and Best Wishes!!

  22. Kevin Toolan says:

    Glad you decided to continue Seniors Skiing. I enjoy it very much.

  23. new to this site and still actively skiing at age 75. Is there a general forum for this site. I’m interested in finding ways to to meet up with other seniors when I’m on the hill.

    There was a “ski buddy” app for ios last year but it seems to have gone dormant.

    • A forum is under development. In the meantime posting on articles (like you did) is the best method.

    • A forum is under development. In the meantime posting on articles (like you did) is the best method.

    • Kathleen Klage says:

      I too am interested in connecting with active senior skiers following the loss of my long-time partner and ski buddy…Alta, Snowbird, Arapaho Basin, Jackson Hole,
      Grand Targhee anyone??

      • Hi Kathleen,
        I also interested in connecting with other skiers. I love Alta (where I fell in love with powder skiing on spring break ski trips as a teenager) and Snowbird and am interested in trying Grand Targhee. I also interested in trying RevelstokeBC. I have an EPIC pass and would be open to most EPIC pass resorts. Sounds like you might have an IKON pass though.

  24. Everyone in ski world let me share my experience
    in 70+ ski club. Richard was a marvellous host at Vail and Salt Lake City this year during my visit to the USA from my home in Australia!!

  25. Like John’s post – I am interested in a general forum as well. I am an active skier at age 60 – interested in connecting with others while skiing.

  26. thank you both for keeping this site up and greetings from Banff/ Lake Louise
    we are all open now and the snow is dumping

  27. Thom Jesberg says:

    just for kicks, why don’t you have a Midwest edition. There is allot of great skiing up here in Minnesota Wisconsin and Michigan.

  28. Hello Richard: My husband and I (79 & 85) still ski every winter. We live in VT and ski Mad River Glen. We have been members of the 70+ ski club for years and always look forward to your newsletters. Now we get to hear from you again. Excellent!

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