Industry Expert Stacks Up Ski Areas From Healthy To Sunset.

Doom and gloom seemed to poke through the otherwise good news presented at the end of January, 2015 Snow Sports Industries America trade show in Denver. Gathered for an “Assembly” by marketing analyst Destimetrics, marketing gurus opined that there was good news in the data: economy upbeat, lodging and gear purchases all on the positive side.  The spoiler was a presentation by former ski resort CEO, now marketing consultant Bill Jensen whose presentation sorted ski areas in a hierarchy.  At the top were the handful of healthy, name-brand resorts.  But, at the bottom of the stack were 300 ski areas who were either in Survivor or Sunset mode.  Bear in mind, according to the National Ski Area Association, there are 470 active ski areas in the US, not counting 50 or 60 in Canada.  Of course, the name of the game is which areas are on those lists.  What do you think?

Here’s a report from Curbed Ski, a Colorado city-ski blog.



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