How To Find Out Where The Snow Is Without A Lot Of Clicking.

Arapahoe Basin this morning (11/23) via webcam.
Arapahoe Basin this morning (11/23) via webcam.

A reader’s question came in yesterday.  He said: “You would do us seniors a service if you listed what ski areas in New England were opening early now that we are getting snow.”

Great question, and here’s the answer. And let’s go beyond New England.

States where skiing is a major attraction have non-profit associations that promote resorts within the state.  So, the first places to look are those websites. Search for their sites for a menu item something like, “Areas and Conditions,” or “Current Conditions”.  For example, here’s a sampling of state association sites from different regions:

New England: Ski New Hampshire, Ski Vermont, Ski Maine.

Mid West: Ski Michigan, Ski Wisconsin

Rockies: Ski Utah, Colorado Ski.

Far West: Ski Washington, Ski Oregon, California’s Lake Tahoe Region.

There are many more, but you get the idea.

Even more efficient, go to the sites that aggregate snow conditions nationally and even internationally.  Here are four big ones; there may be others:, Ski,,, and which also has cross-country resort listings.

As you are probably aware by now, if you buy online several days before you go, you will get a discount off the walk-up price for a lift ticket.  And don’t forget to check discounts at Mike “Bear Trap” Warner’s

Killington, VT, will host FIS World Cup on 11/26-27. Here's view this morning (11/23) via webcam. Making snow.
Killington, VT, will host FIS World Cup on 11/26-27. Here’s view this morning (11/23) via webcam.




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  1. Don H Kowbel says:

    FYI. Whistler, BC. has been open since November 23rd. They are getting lots of snow in early season.
    When I was there last year, 30% of the units in the RV park were from the US., Washington, Oregon, South Dakota and California. The people from South Dakota have been going there for about 6 years. With the current dollar exchange, it is a good deal for American’s. Whistler is the largest ski area in North America. They got lots of snow last season, so hopefully the same will happen this season. It is getting off to a good start.


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