Coalition Snow Fills Women’s Needs For Quality Equipment.

Coalition Snow has skis and boards for women only. Credit: Coalition Snow
Coalition Snow has skis and boards for women only.
Credit: Coalition Snow

Last spring, we’ve were impressed by Coalition Snow’s CEO Jen Gurecki when she talked with our friend The Ski Diva about her line of ski and boards for women only.  She recognized a niche market, defined a set of unique needs, and she put together products that are based on research. Now her challenge was getting the word out.

Last week, Jen won an entrepreneurial competition at the Nevada Governor’s Business Conference.  Her message was strong and simple:  There are a lot of women out there  (eight million) who spend a lot of money ($1-billion) on snow sports.  But their needs are not being met.  Instead of watered-down versions of men’s equipment, Jen has designed skis and boards “that don’t suck”.  She’s made a lot of progress in promoting her company since last spring; her Kick Starter campaign raised $31,000 in 31 days.

Check out her company’s elevator pitch.  Pretty sharp.  Makes us wonder:  We know there are senior-friendly ski boots and bindings.  Is there a need for senior-only skis and boards?  Your thoughts?


  1. maryjane knight says:


    I tried for the ski boots – tried Denver and also Albuquerue and Denver
    and no luck.
    Now for the women’s skis – WHERE or where are they located?
    I found snow already near Taos – so lets get the info out so we can
    have equipment ready to roll for Thanksgiving which is just weeks

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