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CrowdScene2_AWe are very pleased to announce that is launching its new FORUM for our subscribers.  We learned from SubscriberSurvey2015 that our readers would be very interested in both reading comments on a forum as well as entering their own thoughts.  So, our technical team has created the FORUM, accessed by a menu tab at the top of our page.

For those of you who remember, the FORUM is the same as the Bulletin Board format.  You will have to register your name and email address as well as select a password to participate in the FORUM. This is separate from signing up for a subscription. Feel free to start a new topics or contribute to one that’s already there.  We have some pretty common sense rules about what can be posted and what’s not appropriate.  You can find them at the head of each category area.

What we hope is that our readers will:

  • Contribute reports about super deals for seniors—equipment, destinations, fitness, etc.
  • Find friends to ski with or pal around in general.
  • Recommend super senior-friendly ski areas—Alpine or Nordic—that go out of their way to make seniors feel welcome.
  • Offer health and fitness ideas and advice for keeping in shape, staying in shape, avoiding injury and recovering from injury, and the like.
  • Locate clubs in their area looking for new members.
  • Share memories of skiing days of yore—heros, histories, legends, pictures of the past.
  • Offer encouragement, support, advice, camaraderie and good cheer to each other.
Click here to go to the's FORUM.
Click here to go to the’s FORUM.

We will be moderating the group, and we look forward to opening up this opportunity to hear from our subscribers.  Thanks for your ongoing support for  Just remember, there are more of us every day!

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