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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (April 16)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (April 16)

Finale: Park City Top To Bottom, Chile Preview, Oz Look Ahead, Question for You, Season Wrap, Season Weather Summary, Adios For A While. The end of the season is upon us.  This will be the last regular weekly edition of SeniorsSkiing.com for the 2020-21 season. And so ends our seventh year of publishing.  This is our finale edition. It has[Read More…]

by April 16, 2021 12 comments Features
Look Back: Sunday River

Look Back: Sunday River

For the record, early morning skiing was just the best at Sunday River, Maine. We skied this reliable, late-season spot over Easter weekend with two gorgeous sunny days, happy the travel restrictions into Maine had eased for us at last. Better late than never. Count SR’s season-long commitment to snowmaking (90 percent coverage) as the insurance that makes the late[Read More…]

by April 14, 2021 2 comments Destinations, East
The Year in Review

The Year in Review

El Nino, Stay South. La Nina, Go North. If you haven’t already done so, it’s close to the time when the skis and snowboards get tucked away for summer hibernation.  Between Covid-19 restrictions, National Forest leases, and Old Man Winter calling it quits prematurely in much of North America, forces have conspired to end the season for the majority of[Read More…]

by April 14, 2021 7 comments Skiing Weatherman
Dawn, Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA. Credit: NSNA

Make More Tracks: A Personal Note At The End Of The Season

XC Has Grown In Participation. Hopefully, Make More Tracks Played A Role. The Make More Tracks Resource Guide and series of articles in each issues since October was conceived to provide readers of SeniorsSkiing.com with information to expand their options in the winter of the pandemic. It was intended to provide info and perspectives about mostly XC skiing. As someone[Read More…]

by April 13, 2021 2 comments Make More Tracks
Top To Bottom: Park City Last Day 2021

Top To Bottom: Park City Last Day 2021

Three Costumed Spring Skiing Characters Put A Cap On The Season. Our Vicarious Vacation series winds up in Park City, UT, on April 12 this year, the last day of the season. Our three characters head down from Cloud Dine to the Tombstone Lift on the “canyon side.” We’ve never skied Park City, but this run follows trails which look[Read More…]

by April 13, 2021 4 comments West
Anyone Lose A Moriarity Hat 35 Years Ago At Beaver Creek?

Anyone Lose A Moriarity Hat 35 Years Ago At Beaver Creek?

We Have It For You.   Here’s a note from Shelley Canalia, a reader, who has come into possession of this old hat with numerous pins from resorts and events. My brother is Anthony Isham West. Great guy, comes from a Nordic ski family on his Father’s side. In 1985-86 he was working at Beaver Creek in Vail. He found[Read More…]

by April 12, 2021 10 comments Remember When?
Mt Hotham in mid-season. This year, the resort awaits eager visitors after closing in 2020.

Look Ahead: Report From Australia

The Virus Is Contained, Resorts Anticipate Regular Openings. We, the skiing public here in Oz, are quietly excited about the prospect of finally skiing again after a year off. While we wait for government decisions and confirm opening dates at Mt Hotham, Falls Creek and Mt Buller here in Victoria and similarly for the resorts in NSW at Perisher and[Read More…]

by April 12, 2021 2 comments International
La Parva, Chile, sunset through the icicles. Credit: Casey Earle

Look Ahead: Despite Challenges, Chilean Resorts Are Preparing

Areas’ Marketing Campaigns Are In Full Swing, But Will The Weather Cooperate? For 2020, the ski season revolved around the multiple ills Chile has been suffering, including the ongoing drought that affected the skiing. This year would seem to be a continuation of those ills, including social and political unrest, economic suffering, and plague. In spite of all that, last[Read More…]

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Ski resorts took COVID compliance seriously, allowing the season to happen. Credit: Pat McCloskeu

Look Back: US Season Wrap

A Wide Lens View Of How Large And Small Resorts Managed To Deal With Restrictions And Constraints. [Editor Note: Pat McCloskey is a regular contributor to SeniorsSkiing.com.  This article first appeared in Chronicles of McCloskey.] First, let me say I was glad that we HAD a ski season. From changing my boots in the lot at Laurel Mountain to the[Read More…]

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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (April 9)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (April 9)

Spot-That-Resort, Top To Bottom Telluride, Skiing Weatherman, Question: Buy Now?, Cycling Lessons, XCSkiResorts, Focus Mindset, Killington In Spring, Ski Club Prep In Oz. Emily Dickinson said: “A little Madness in the Spring / Is wholesome even for the King.”  So here’s a little quiz that might drive you a little nuts. See how you do in this exercise in pattern[Read More…]

by April 9, 2021 1 comment Features
Skiing Weatherman: West Still Strong, East Hanging In

Skiing Weatherman: West Still Strong, East Hanging In

Some Powder. Trail Counts Good. The weather pattern that dominated the month of March in the eastern half of the country has continued right into April…unfortunately.  I communicated with a resort manager in Vermont last week and found out that the mountain, which has a high base elevation…had received exactly one inch of snow last month.  One %#[email protected]*& inch!  A[Read More…]

by April 8, 2021 0 comments Skiing Weatherman
Telluride has trails for everyone from beginners to expert. And it is certainly less crowded than the resort that starts with V.

Top To Bottom: Telluride

Here’s A View Of A Quad-Busting Run At A High-Altitude Colorado Classic. Our Vicarious Vacation series heads west to the major destination resort with a Victorian mining town heritage and lots of mountain to ski. At 8,750, the town sits at the base of mountains that range to 11,000 feet, making some of the highest, longest ski runs in North[Read More…]

by April 8, 2021 4 comments West
Question For You: Buy Now Or Wait?

Question For You: Buy Now Or Wait?

To Buy Or Not To Buy (Yet): That Is The Question. It should be clear by now that if you intend to ski more than two or three times a season at mid-large resort, a season pass is required. Basically, walk-up tickets are major resorts are in the $15o to $200+ range which is fine if you have limited interest,[Read More…]

by April 6, 2021 20 comments Features
Trek Navigator allows a comfortable, upright riding position. A fat seat helps.

Three Bicycling Lessons Relearned

Reflection On The Past Before Starting This Year’s Biking Season. With gyms closed to Covid, way back in August 2020, I started riding my bicycle five days a week as a way to get ready for the ski season. I live in North Texas where the terrain is relatively flat. We don’t have hills or mountains, we have rises. I[Read More…]

by April 6, 2021 7 comments Features
XCSkiResorts.com publisher Roger Lohr and wife Kimberly at Bretton Woods.

Make More Tracks: XCSkiResorts.com Saw Boost

Increased Interest In Nordic Makes XC Site A Place For Information. XCSkiResorts.com was established in 2003 as a major source of information for recreational and travel-oriented cross country skiers and snowshoers and it entered uncharted waters when the pandemic hit. Would anyone want to travel to go cross country skiing? According to site founder and editor Roger Lohr, “The response[Read More…]

by April 6, 2021 1 comment Make More Tracks
Ski Coach Bob Trueman (r) puts emphasis on the mental aspects of skiing.

Add Insult, Avoid Injury

“Your Problem Is, You Don’t Know What You’re Doing”. In modern times this sentence wouldn’t score well on the “how to make friends” scale. And yet it is in reality very informative. You just have to look at the real meanings of the words used, and not the colloquial inference. In fact, from the view point of performance enhancement it[Read More…]

by April 5, 2021 6 comments Ask An Expert
Spring Skiing At Killington

Spring Skiing At Killington

Here’s Another Don Burch Video Capturing A Blue Bird Day At The Big K. Snapshot of perfect conditions on a beautiful day.

by April 5, 2021 4 comments East
Early snow at Gravbot Ski Club welcomes work party in Mt. Hotham. Credit: Dave Chambers

Ski Club Work Weekend In Oz

Before The Snow Flies, Members Gather For Work Party And Find A Reason To Talk Skiing. My road trip from Melbourne in my Skoda AWD has been a pleasant morning drive. With two and half hours peeling away quickly, the freeways were unusually devoid of cars today on this Friday in March. My mate Terry phones to ask me, “Is[Read More…]

by April 5, 2021 3 comments International
Happy Spring To All

Happy Spring To All

Passover, Easter, Baseball Opening Day, Spring Rituals: All Welcome As The Year Moves On. SeniorsSkiing.com is taking a break for the holiday week.  We wish all our readers a safe and healthy time, especially if you’re Zooming with friends and family or venturing out for the first time in a while.  To our amazing contributors to our recent fundraiser:  All[Read More…]

by April 2, 2021 6 comments Features
Sign of spring: Tuckerman Ravine, 1938. Credit: Mt. Washington

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (March 26)

Spring Is Here, Quitting Time? Corn or Mashed? Beech Top-to-Bottom, Diggins World Cup, Ski Art III, Skiing Weatherman. Spring: Time for renewal. Time for change. New directions. “It was such a spring day as breathes into a [person] an ineffable yearning, a painful sweetness, a longing that makes [them] stand motionless, looking at the leaves or grass, and fling out[Read More…]

by March 26, 2021 1 comment Features
Skiing Weatherman: West Strong, Last Call East

Skiing Weatherman: West Strong, Last Call East

Bluebird Days. Light Snow. The weather pattern hasn’t changed much in the past week as the jet stream set-up has continued to feature a cold trough over the western half of the country and a milder to warm ridge over the eastern half.  It has been another snowy week in the West, although amounts of fresh snow have been a[Read More…]

by March 25, 2021 2 comments Skiing Weatherman
Question For You: When Do You Quit?

Question For You: When Do You Quit?

Stay Till The Final Melt, Or Had Enough Already? We know skiers who save up their skiing days until springtime. Fair weather skier, they are.  March is when they go out in earnest, conditions permitting. And there are others who decide to bag the season after President’s Day. Or St. Patrick’s Day. Still others make the weekend trek to the[Read More…]

Spring brings corn for a few precious hours. Credit: Jans

Corn Snow And Mashed Potatoes: Know The Difference.

One Fun, The Other Not So Much. We’re nearing that time of year in New England and the upper Midwest where the snow melts a little during the day and freezes at night. The repetitive process creates tiny balls of ice. In the morning, they’re rock hard but as the sun comes up, they melt a little and turn into[Read More…]

by March 23, 2021 6 comments Features
Top To Bottom: Beech Mountain

Top To Bottom: Beech Mountain

North Carolina Has The Highest Ski Resort In Eastern North America. Have You Been? The next stop in our Vicarious Vacation series is a hop down to North Carolina’s Beech Mountain. Located in the western mountains of the state, Beech Mountain has a summit elevation of 5,506 feet, making it the highest ski resort on the East Coast. The mountain[Read More…]

by March 22, 2021 6 comments East
Diggins credits her team in helping her win an extraordinary title for an American. Credit: MPR

Jessie Diggins Wins World Cup XC Ski Title

For The First Time In FIS History, A US Woman Wins The Overall Title. [Editor Note: This article by Roger Lohr first appeared in XCSkiResorts.com.]  Following an Olympic gold medal in 2018 and a published autobiography in 2020, Jessie Diggins continued her onslaught of Nordic skiing and the world beyond. This winter season, the 29-year-old Diggins overcame the threat of[Read More…]

by March 22, 2021 1 comment Ski Heroes, Snow Sports Leaders