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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Aug. 28)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Aug. 28)

We’re On Vacation! Mask-covered, social-distanced, sanitized-hands, take-out vacations are the end of August things to do at SeniorsSkiing.com.  Jon has isolated himself in a travel trailer somewhere in the North West, and I’ve been on a sailboat in Maine, watching ospreys and sunsets. However, we do want to send you a reminder of winter dreams.  Here’s a neat video from[Read More…]

by August 28, 2020 7 comments Features
Meanwhile, The Remarkables in Queenstown, NZ, are open to domestic visitors only. NZ locked down in late March and beat the virus. At least so far.

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (July 31)

Hints Of The Coming Winter, Questions For You, Covid Fitness, Ski Canada And Covid. Wow, turn around, and it’s the end of July, and August is upon us. Has Covid-19 accelerated the clock? It seems like we are rushing into fall.  And all the uncertainty that will bring. One thing for certain, we know most people don’t like uncertainty, ambiguity,[Read More…]

by July 31, 2020 4 comments Features
Downtown Banff. Bike rental on Banff Ave. which was closed to traffic this summer for social distancing. Credit: SkiBig3

Ski Canada And Covid

Ski resorts are still trying to figure out what the next season will look like. We heard from a few Canadian ski area representatives and whatever finally happens, next year your favorite resort won’t look like what you remember from the past.  Many resorts opened for a revised summer season that several called “a great dress rehearsal” for next winter.[Read More…]

by July 30, 2020 6 comments International
Short Swings!

Short Swings!

A Fort Lauderdale resident asked , “Do you know where we Floridians go when we want to ski?” It was a joke. Her punch line: “The airport.” From the way things appear to be shaping up, fewer and fewer older skiers will be using planes to get to their favorite resorts. There’s a reluctance to get on planes until the[Read More…]

by July 30, 2020 2 comments Short Swings!
Question For You 9: Corona Making You More Fit?

Question For You 9: Corona Making You More Fit?

It’s Been Four Months. Where Are You On Your Fitness Plan? The season ended abruptly for everyone in mid-March. One day, you were on the lift line at Killington, and, boom, next day you were heading home. Just like that. We know that many of your resorted to picking up new activities.  With the gyms. pools, tennis, and golf clubs[Read More…]

by July 29, 2020 22 comments Features
Question For You 10: Classifieds?

Question For You 10: Classifieds?

Help Us Decide If/How SeniorsSkiing.com Classifieds Should Work. At SeniorsSkiing.com World Headquarters, we get frequent requests from readers looking for ski partners, places to go, house or condo rental information, and many other topics.  So, we decided to create a classified ad section within SeniorsSkiing.com to accommodate these kinds of wants, needs, and desires. What we are planning is a[Read More…]

by July 28, 2020 41 comments Features
Covid Fitness

Covid Fitness

A Lot Of Us Are In The Best Shape We’ve Been In For Many A Year. Gasping for breath up a steep climb recently on the mountain bike with my riding friends, I thought to myself, “Where is the race? Nobody’s going to the Olympics, why are we racing on this ride?”  Then it occurred to me that my group[Read More…]

by July 27, 2020 7 comments Conditioning
Now, that's a blue cruiser at JH looking delicious. Credit: Jackson Hole

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Jackson Hole—Not For Experts Only

There also are dozens of trails and cirques for the rest of us mere mortals. I’ve been skiing here since I was locked into that famous and frustrating  “intermediate plateau” and took a chance on defying Jackson’s reputation for experts only.  Besides, the town sounded like fun, with wooden sidewalks and real cowboys coming into town from the ranches that[Read More…]

by July 25, 2020 4 comments West
How To Choose An XC Ski Vacation Destination

How To Choose An XC Ski Vacation Destination

So Many Choices, How To Decide? In general, xc skiers select their winter xc ski destination resorts using some rating system of how xc ski areas perform in eight categories of criteria including trail quality and grooming, scenery, food quality, staff friendliness and service, the ski lodge facility and family issues. There is a great range of xc ski areas[Read More…]

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Touring is Nordic is XC. Credit: Dynafit

Nordic Skiing Terminology

XC, Nordic, Touring, Cross-Country. What’s What? If you’re new to the sport, you’re going to find people using terms that may be a little confusing at first. Here’s an explanation of most of the jargon you’re likely to meet. Nordic skiing is the catch-all term that includes classic technique, skating, ski touring, telemarking, even jumping and biathlon… In all these[Read More…]

by July 5, 2020 0 comments Make More Tracks
Skate skiing has its own techniques and gear. Credit: HuffPost Canada

Track Vs Tour

Groomed Vs Bushwhack? Both Have Positives. For the past 50 years or so, there’s been a generally amicable debate whether cross-country skiing on machine-groomed trails is preferable to making your own way o’er the fields and through the woods. The argument has a lot of angles, including “Free vs. Fee” and “Pristine, Silent, and Serene vs. Speedy, Social, Service-based, and[Read More…]

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Lessons make a difference. Credit: White Pine Touring

Out-think Your Feet With XC Lessons

It’s Not Like Walking. But Not Complicated To Learn. In the early 1970s, in a visionary but totally wrong-headed move, the fledgling Nordic ski industry declared that, “If you can walk, you can cross-country ski.” Retrospectively, it would have been a lot more helpful and realistic to say, “If you can walk, you can learn to cross-country ski. And it[Read More…]

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Lightness and improbable strength are features of the Eva.

Snowshoes: From Wood To Metal To…Foam?

There’s Always A Better Way. Foam Is Light, Strong, And Long-Lasting. As a long-time, single-minded Nordic fanatic, snowshoeing used to seem pretty tame – kind of a melding of on-snow recreation and utility, with not much maneuverability and no glide. Aging knees and mature perspective (or an approximation!) have changed this some, along with vast improvements in snowshoe materials and[Read More…]

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Fat biking at Kingdom Trails, VT

Fat Biking At Nordic Ski Areas

Fat Biking Is A Combo Of XC and Cycling: What A Workout! Fat bikes, dubbed the “Hummers of the two-wheelers’ world” in the Wall Street Journal are proliferating where there are more than 150 cross country (XC) ski areas that have fat bikes available to use on snow covered trails. These specially-made bicycles that accommodate ultra-wide tires that can be[Read More…]

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Resort Review: Woodstock Inn, VT

Resort Review: Woodstock Inn, VT

The Venerable Inn Has Historic Roots In Ski History. The Woodstock Inn & Resort is one of Vermont’s true gems for travelers. It offers warm New England hospitality amidst an atmosphere of country elegance and year round recreation. Resort facilities include the new 10,000 square-foot Spa, the Resort’s Nordic Center, Suicide Six alpine ski area, the Resort’s Golf Club, and a 41,000[Read More…]

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