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Club leader Richard Lambert personally leads senior ski trips around the globe. Credit: 70PlusSkiClub
Club leader Richard Lambert personally leads senior ski trips around the globe.
Credit: 70PlusSkiClub

The 70+ Ski Club is known to be the oldest and largest ski club of its kind. Lloyd Lambert, a popular upstate New York ski reporter and broadcaster, founded the club in 1977 when he saw many seniors giving up the sport. He led the effort to get free senior skiing and remained a tireless advocate for senior skiers until his death at age 96. Today, his grandson Richard continues the legacy of encouraging skiers to keep skiing for as long as possible and in as many places as possible. While you need to be 70 years old and an active skier/boarder to be an official member, younger skiers/boarders can and do join club trips. This is because many members ski with younger friends.

Many people join because they want to meet new people their own age to ski with.   Richard says there is an amazing amount of camaraderie in the group which includes both singles and couples. The club has even resulted in some marriages, including a recent wedding of a two members who met on a summer ski trip to Argentina. Richard describes most of the group as solid intermediate skiers, but that there is a wide range of abilities. People who think they might quit skiing soon, quickly rethink that after seeing the energy in this extraordinary group which boasts over 3,000 members nationwide and over 150 in their 90’s.

Richard, who leads most of the trips, is known for his attention to detail and effort to make sure everyone has a good time. A longtime member from Pennsylvania expressed a sentiment shared by many members. He says he has been blessed to take many ski trips with numerous clubs that have run the gamut from “great” to “lousy” largely attributable to the organization and management. Relative to all those he says the 70+ has earned the status of nonpareil! For 2017 the club will offer many trips and events at several ski resorts in the US & Canada. Check out the website here:

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  1. R L Dick Brooks says:

    I joined 70+ and my first trip in 2013 or 14 was to Vail.. I so enjoyed the members that invited me to ski with them and made me feel welcome I signed up for the Lake Louise trip.
    I have 70+ friends that have since visited me in Durango Co. To ski Purgatory.
    I was a member o 2 ski clubs in Austin Tx.prior to moving to Houston where I joined a ski club. This wasn’t a fit and am THANKFUL that I found 70+.

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Thanks Dick. We think 70+ Ski Club is a natural fit for our readers. We are really glad they are joining our advertisers.

  2. Edie Sylvester says:

    70 + trips with Richard are the greatest

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