Articles by: Herb Stevens

The Skiing Weatherman: Monster Storm Smacks Early

The Skiing Weatherman: Monster Storm Smacks Early

Snow At The End Of Summer Dazzles The Northwest. How is it that a storm can produce a four foot snowfall before the first week of the new season is over!?  That is exactly what happened last weekend as portions of Montana got absolutely buried.  Parts of Idaho, Washington, California, Oregon, Wyoming, and Colorado also saw snow, which undoubtedly got[Read More…]

by October 1, 2019 0 comments Features
The Skiing Weatherman: Predicting This Winter

The Skiing Weatherman: Predicting This Winter’s New Columnist Places His Bet on 2019-20. [Editor Note: Herb Stevens is a veteran meteorologist and television weatherman. is very proud to introduce his new column which will appear weekly throughout the season.] When a long range weather forecaster starts to put together a winter forecast, the first element that has to be assessed is the state of[Read More…]

by September 25, 2019 3 comments Features

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