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This Week In (Nov. 24)

This Week In (Nov. 24)

Happy Thanksgiving, La Nina Delivers, Reader Input Needed, Great Gift Idea, Funny Urban Legend, Lift Maintenance, Birthday For 98 Year Old Olympian, Experticity Reminder. Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! We know you are happier than the poor turkey to the left. In many places, this weekend marks the official start of the snow sports season. In fact, Killington is[Read More…]

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Chummy Broomhall in his stride. Help him celebrate his 98th.
Credit: Ski Museum Of Maine

X-C Olympian Celebrates 98th Birthday

From The Ski Museum Of Maine. Chummy Broomhall, two-time Olympic cross country skier and the oldest living member of the Chisholm Ski Club, will be celebrating his 98th birthday on December 3rd. Last year the Chisholm Ski Club sponsored a card campaign for Chummy’s birthday and he received almost 150 cards! Let’s blow that number out of the water this[Read More…]

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Bretton Woods is making world-class snow.  This shot is from 11/11/17.
Credit: Bretton Woods

This Week in (Nov. 17)

New England Areas Opening, Updates In Free* Skiing For Seniors, X-C Correctly, And More. It’s happening. The Western ski resorts are getting snow, especially in the Pacific North West. New England areas are opening, too. Bretton Woods in New Hampshire’s White Mountains is spinning lifts, the first to open in the state.  Other NH resorts are making snow, and for[Read More…]

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SeniorsSkiing.Com Salutes Our Veterans

SeniorsSkiing.Com Salutes Our Veterans

Thank You For Your Service. For a history of the 10th Mountain Division from Snow magazine, click here.

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Ski & Snowboard Expos are coming! Official start of the snow season.
Credit: BEWI Productions

This Week In (Oct. 27)

Getting Fit, A Snowmaking Legend, Novel Gift Idea For Seniors, Ski Shows, Happy Birthday, Doug Pfeiffer. The snow season has started, officially and unofficially, in different places around the country.  We urge our readers to start thinking about getting their gear out of basements and start spiffing up those skis and boots. It always pays to get those skis sharpened[Read More…]

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October blizzard in Rocky Boy, MT, left 30 inches behind, breaking a record for the month.
Credit: Shawn/Steph White

This Week In (Oct. 13)

Weird Weather, Senior Profile, Von Trapp Cross-Country Innovator, Getting Ready. We can’t stop thinking about the major weather events that have descended across the globe this year. Hurricanes with epic levels of destruction, surprisingly early and deep snows in the Rockies, (and from what we hear, prodigious snowfalls in parts of Australia), wild fires creating horrendous destruction and loss of[Read More…]

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This Week In (September 29)

This Week In (September 29)

  It’s Warm In The East, And The Rockies Are Turning White. So it makes sense that one of the articles in this week’s package reviews the Tannus tubeless foam-filled bicycle tire and another explains why this is the best time to purchase a season pass. Harriet Wallis, an active biker, skier, and contributor wrote the piece on the[Read More…]

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Mike "Bear Trap" Warner is a former ski instructor committed to finding discounts for seniors.

Best Time to Buy Senior Ski Passes is Now

The Deals Are Out There.  Time To Act. [Editor Note: Mike “Bear Foot” Warner produces which publishes the prices of top ski resorts and offers advice on where to find the best discounts and when to buy.]  If you are a senior skier and are planning to ski over a week this winter, you might want to consider buying a[Read More…]

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This Week In (Sept. 15)

This Week In (Sept. 15)

Down Under Snow Reports, Experticity Update, Early Winter Forecast. While we start thinking about buying season passes, contemplating new boots, and enjoying the last of summer activities (btw: great sailing in New England these days), the snows of Australia have been falling mightily. We have two reports from the land of Down Under.  One focuses on the massive amounts of[Read More…]

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Update: Change In Gear/Clothing Discounts From Experticity

Update: Change In Gear/Clothing Discounts From Experticity

There’s Been A Big Change In How SeniorsSkiing.Com Subscribers Can Access Discounts From Experticity. When was launched, we made an arrangement with to offer discounts to our readers.  There was no cost involved, readers who subscribed signed up with Promotive using a code provided and enjoyed the same kind of discounts offered to professional racers, teams, coaches, instructors,[Read More…]

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Mount Washington from Intervale, NH
Credit: Peabody & Smith

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.Com (Sept. 1)

Long-Awaited Experticity Update, Hiking Caveats, More Ski Songs. Our thoughts are with the people in Southeast Texas who have been displaced by Harvey.  As we remember from the monster snow winter in New England 2015-16 when we had nine feet in a matter of weeks, this kind of disruption can cause much anxiety and distraction that lasts for months.  But[Read More…]

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Hiking Caveats: How A Walk Can Go Wrong

Hiking Caveats: How A Walk Can Go Wrong

It’s Not Just Bad Weather That Can Make A Hike A Disaster. [Editor Note: This article first appeared in the Boston Globe, August 16, 2017, and was reported and written by Martin Finucane. Click here to see the original version in the Globe.] For years, hikers have shouldered their packs, inhaled the crisp air, and set out for adventures in[Read More…]

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Why Do I Have To Re-Enter My Name And Email?

Why Do I Have To Re-Enter My Name And Email?

For New Subscribers, You Should Know What To Do When You Get Annoyed By Pop-Ups.  There IS an answer. If you are being asked to re-enter your email to confirm your subscription to, you might be a bit annoyed.  We don’t blame you, but there is an explanation. You are accessing through a device that is different from[Read More…]

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This Week In (Aug. 18)

This Week In (Aug. 18)

Summer Rounds The Far Turn. We’ve heard there were snow falls in this mid-August in the Rockies.  Big snowfalls.  And the venerable Farmers’ Almanac, predicting the weather using its own mix of folk lore and natural observations for 200 years, has forecast a “snowier-than-normal” 2017-18 winter for the Northeast from the mid-Atlantic to the Canadian border.  The FA has even “red-flagged”[Read More…]

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This Week In (August 4)

This Week In (August 4)

SPECIAL EDITION: The SnowSports Industry And Climate Change. As we write this in early August, the National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for most of the West Coast.  Seattle is poised to entertain temperatures near 100 degrees, Reno 110, Portland 106. Meanwhile, we hear of a massive snowfall in New Zealand’s Mt. Hutt, bringing 26 foot snow[Read More…]

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