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White Mountains,  Franconia Notch, Cannon Mountain? 
Artist unknown

This Week In (Feb. 23)

Losing The Mind Game: Confidence Versus Competence, Mystery Device, SLC As Ground Zero, Buying Mountain Home Advice, History Ski Poster Explainer. Thanks to those who have offered financial support to We very much appreciate it. Like you, we’ve been checking into the Pyeong Chang Olympics, watching the Alpine, Nordic and various snowboarding events with considerable admiration. Some performances were[Read More…]

by February 23, 2018 6 comments Features
This Week In (Feb. 16)

This Week In (Feb. 16)

Will You Support As you can see from our posts this week, is launching an initiative for the next week or so to see if we can get support from our readers to cover the costs of producing this online magazine. We were inspired by the appeals The Guardian newspaper has made to its readers which also provides[Read More…]

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The blue is snow.  Pretty significant coverage for the Northeast at last.
Credit: NECN

This Week In (Feb. 9)

Northeast Snow, Editorial On Senior Empowerment, A Senior Skier Person Zero, More Stuff For Car Safety, Discovering Beaver Mountain. As we write this, the anticipation is mounting for a significant mid-week snowfall in the Northeast. From Maryland to Maine, it appears the region is going to get—to finally get—a nice covering that will add to the meh base and draw[Read More…]

by February 9, 2018 0 comments Features
Editorial: Tools Of Empowerment

Editorial: Tools Of Empowerment

Why We Publish Skis And Boots For Seniors Recommendations. We don’t know the numbers in other countries, but in the U.S. one-fifth of all skiers and boarders are 52 or older. Based on reader surveys, we, as individuals, have more time, ski more often, and make more frequent equipment purchases than the kids. Four years ago, when we started,[Read More…]

by February 7, 2018 4 comments Features
Ski resort version of Ground Hog Day? Is the moose trying to tell us something?

This Week In (Feb. 2)

Mid-Winter Is Here, Re-Discover Snowshoes, New Mystery Glimpse, Steamboat Museum,’s Own Poem, Tribute To Warren Miller. By Ground Hog’s Day, winter is half over. As we have noted before, you’d better have at least half your woodpile left.  At least that’s if the Ground Hog sees another six weeks of winter ahead.  It could be another six weeks of[Read More…]

by February 2, 2018 2 comments Features
Mystery Glimpse: A Hot Time On This Hill

Mystery Glimpse: A Hot Time On This Hill

See If You Can Name The Race In This Old Picture. Hint: circa 1969.  Perhaps you know the name of the race this fellow is in and what makes it special. Put your best guess in the COMMENTS section below. Extra credit for naming an unusual chap who won the same race in earlier years and what the circumstances were.[Read More…]

by February 1, 2018 14 comments Features
A Tribute To Warren Miller (1924-2018)

A Tribute To Warren Miller (1924-2018)

At Sometime In The Past, You Watched A Warren Miller Film That Made A Difference In Your Life. Remembering Warren Miller: In His Own Words

by January 30, 2018 7 comments Ski Heroes
This Week In (Jan. 26)

This Week In (Jan. 26)

Off To The OR/SIA Show, Mystery Tennis Player, Questions To Find The Right Instructor, Pat’s Peak For Hobbits, A Very Successful Senior Ski Club. co-publishers are heading out from various starting points to the great, big Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show in Denver’s gigantic Colorado Convention Center. We will be there to look for stories, product ideas for our[Read More…]

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Credit: US Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame

Mystery Glimpse: Tennis, Anyone?

She Also Skis Pretty Well.  Any Guesses? This should be a challenge. No hints this time. Please write your response in COMMENTS below. Wild guesses welcome on this one. Many thanks to the United States Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame, Ishpeming, MI for providing this picture. Last Week Some funny responses to this one from last week. These three[Read More…]

by January 25, 2018 5 comments Features
Mystery Glimpse: Stuffed Animals Are…What?

Mystery Glimpse: Stuffed Animals Are…What?

Okay, Here’s A Tougher One. Clearly there are some knowledgable snow sports enthusiasts out there.  Based on your responses from the last few Mystery Glimpse photos, you not only knew the right answers, you added details about the people and the pictures. So this week, we’re posing a little more difficult puzzle. Who are these stuffed creatures and what do[Read More…]

by January 18, 2018 5 comments Features
On January 7, snow fell on one of the hottest deserts on earth. 
Credit: Karim Brouchetata/ Geoff Robinson

This Week In (Jan. 12)

Snow In Odd Places, SKI AREA MANAGEMENT Article,  Next Mystery, Survival Kit Advice, Wheaties And The Olympics, Snow Poetry, 60s Ski Songs, Stupid Questions. Okay, this is shaping up to be a strange season. There’s this in the Alps: Avalanches, isolated villages, impossible skiing conditions are causing havoc. The snow is frankly unbelievable. Here’s the story. Meanwhile, in the Sahara Desert,[Read More…]

by January 12, 2018 1 comment Features
Mystery Glimpse: Name That Turn

Mystery Glimpse: Name That Turn

Not Easy, Nor Healthy, This Was The Turn Of The Early 70s. Thank goodness, this fad turn didn’t last long.  This week’s Mystery Glimpse: What was it called? If you think you know, note in the COMMENTS below. Last Week’s Glimpse Okay, okay, it was Jean-Claude Killy, the famous French celebrity ski racer of the 60s and 70s.  Many of[Read More…]

by January 11, 2018 25 comments Features
Skiing In Literature: The Snow Man

Skiing In Literature: The Snow Man

The Snow Man By Wallace Stevens One must have a mind of winter To regard the frost and the boughs Of the pine-trees crusted in snow; And have been cold a long time To behold the junipers shagged with ices, The spruces rough in the distant glitter Of the January sun; and not to think Of any misery in the[Read More…]

by January 9, 2018 4 comments Features
Coming Soon: Ski Songs From The 60s

Coming Soon: Ski Songs From The 60s

Stay Tuned. We’re close to announcing a fantastic opportunity to download Ray Conrad’s classic ski songs.  You asked for them; we got them.  

by January 9, 2018 3 comments Features
This Week In (Jan. 5)

This Week In (Jan. 5)

Undergoing Bombogenesis, Next Mystery Glimpse, Cold Wx Tips, X-C Apparel, Jon’s Midget Memory. We write this in haste, lest the power snap off before we can file before’s deadline. New England and most of the East Coast, are in the midst of a monster “Cyclone Bomb”, as the meteorologists are calling it, or “Bombogenesis”, an even scarier name. Fast-moving,[Read More…]

by January 5, 2018 0 comments Features

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