Cross Country Apparel: Recommendations From An Expert

Cross Country Apparel: Recommendations From An Expert

Guidelines For What To Choose And Why. [Editor Note: Thanks to Roger Lohr, publisher of, for this review of the latest in XC skiwear that was printed first on that site.] I’ve often wondered why there isn’t more hoopla about cross country skiwear. I’m not talking about the suction suits worn by cross country ski racers; rather, I mean[Read More…]

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American Bison never shivers.
Credit: Brittanica

Another Unique Gift: Buffalo Down Socks

We Took The Challenge And Wore Them For Five Days.  Here’s What Happened. We love buffalo, the distinctly American creature who has been denizen of the Great Plains since pre-history, who was deified by native Americans, who has captured our imagination in countless legends, songs, stories, novels, and movies, who has shown up in hamburgers, (bison burgers) and who now[Read More…]

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DeBooter: Easy-to-use ski boot jack.  Credit: OutDoor Logic Solutions

Holiday Gift Suggestion: DeBooter Easy-Off Ski Boot Jack

Other Than A Book, A Bottle, Or Some Meaningless Gewgaw, It’s Not Easy To Find A Reasonably Priced And Relevant Gift For The Older Skier. DeBooter solves that dilemma. It’s a clever ski boot jack that makes boot removal fast and easy. readers can purchase DeBooter for less than $32, a 20% discount from the $39.95 retail. (Enter SeniorsSkiing[Read More…]

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Attach Tile to keys, skis, bikes, cats, grand kids, wives, husbands, etc. Now they can be found, even when hiding.

Perfect Senior Gift: Tile Will Find Your Keys And Any Thing Else

The Amazing Device We’ve All Been Waiting For. You’ve probably had this experience.  You are rushing out the door, late for something or other, and you’ve grabbed everything except…wait a minute…”Where are my keys? (wallet, glasses, etc?)” And the frantic search begins, characterized by looking in several of the same places more than once (a sure sign of insanity) and[Read More…]

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Mummified hand warmers can be revived for another day.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

How To Get Several Days From Your Shake-Em-Up Hand Warmers

Use These Two Sneaky Tips. The air-activated hand warmers keep your fingers toasty while you ski. Even when your legs fall off, your hand warmers keep going. Then what do you do with them? They have a lot of heat left. I used to give them away in the locker room. People would snap them up for themselves or their[Read More…]

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Electronic Gizmo Gift Ideas Keep You Connected

Electronic Gizmo Gift Ideas Keep You Connected

Wander, But Don’t Get Lost.   “Why am I here? What happened?” I was lying on my back in a narrow 20-ft deep snow hole. My concerned buddy was looking at me from above. I took a few photos and started thinking how to get out of my snow jail without ropes or means of communication with ski patrol. The conditions were tricky,[Read More…]

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Googles, once an after-thought, have embraced high technology as well high style.
Credit: Smith Goggles

10 Tips For Buying Goggles

10 Things A Senior Buyer Has To Know About Goggles. While goggles shopping, take your helmet with you; both should happily marry. It is good to have no gaps between goggles and your nose. Don’t touch the inner side of the lens with your fingers, gloves or paper napkins. You may scratch off the special coating, then the goggles will[Read More…]

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Here's where the raw material for Farm To Feet socks originate: Merino sheep who live in Wyoming.
Credit: Farm To Feet

Blistering Review of Farm to Feet Socks

How Do You Like Your Socks?  Farm Fresh, Says Tamsin. Do you have those mornings when your lower back is a bit stiff from yesterday’s skiing, and you try to pull on your ski socks standing up and almost fall over? I have. A pair of ski socks just stretchy enough to slip on easily is a key happiness factor.[Read More…]

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A great idea whose time has come.  Get those boots off easily! 
Credit: Debooter

DeBooter: DeLovely Way For Easy (And Painless) Boot Removal

A Smart Ski Boot Jack That Really Works. They are the collective sounds of people removing their ski boots: the moans of agony and the sighs of joy heard in lots and lodges around the globe. I’m simply relieved to get the damn things off, but getting the top of my foot past those two nasty tabs of plastic are[Read More…]

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Mittens for newborn children, which can be bought at any store that carries infant clothing.

Helpful Handy Hand Warmer Hints

From Newborn Mittens to YOUR Mittens. Editor Note: Sue Z. is a senior skier and craftsperson who hangs out at Alta.  She wrote a recent gift idea that showed how to transform worn out ski socks into a cool scarf.   Like many older skiers, I rely on disposable glove warmers to keep my hands comfortable. I open the package at[Read More…]

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Here's the Nudown parka I tested.  Removes the hassle  of layering.
Credit: Nudown

Product Review: NuDown Parkas and Vests Use Pumped Air to Stay Warm

Reduces Layering. Improves On-Hill Comfort. For the past several weeks, I’ve been skiing in a NuDown parka designed to keep you comfortable regardless of outside temperature and without dressing in multiple layers. It utilizes a hand-operated air pump system to create an adjustable layer of air, which, warmed by the body, serves as an effective insulator against the elements. It[Read More…]

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From Socks to Scarves in Sixty Minutes

From Socks to Scarves in Sixty Minutes

A Terrific DIY Gift Idea! Ski season is winding down, and some of us may be returning to other activities. Suzy Z.* will be doing needlework. Suzy, a subscriber, had this terrific idea for sock-scarves while shopping last fall for ski hose. It uses ski or knee socks to create a scarf for your winter jacket or turtleneck. Relatives, grandkids, and friends[Read More…]

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Injinji's Performance 2.0 Snow toe socks are fun to wear and feel terrific.
Credit: SeniorsSkiing

Product Review: Socks That Rock From Injinji

New Performance Toe Socks Are Super Comfortable and Supportive. It’s March, and close to the end of the season for a lot of folks. If you think your gear is starting to look a little tattered, now is the time to contemplate a new way of thinking about your socks. Injinji, the toe sock company, has introduced a new line[Read More…]

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These cool looking goggles flip up and they're made of the same super tough material.
Credit: Red Bull Racing

Product Review: Are Seniors Ready For High Tech Goggles and Sunglasses?

Better Than $20 Off-The-Rack Sunglasses? Inspired by Red Bull Racing, the four time Formula One Auto Racing Champions, Red Bull Racing is introducing new eyewear that uses high-tech, cutting edge technology in sunglasses and goggles. Formula One racing cars use the lightweight XMP material to reinforce carbon fiber and Kevlar in principal components.  Red Bull Racing thought it would be a[Read More…]

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Paul tested the SoftFlask.  Fits in a parka pocket.
Credit: Hydrapak

Product Review: Goodbye, Water Bottle. Hello Hydrapak.

Dehydration Comes Easy When Skiing: Collapsible Water Bottle Is An Answer. Staying hydrated on the slopes is important, but rigid plastic water bottles are a pain to carry in a parka. Hydrapak makes soft and pliable water bottles that fit comfortably in the pocket. We tested Hydrapak’s half-liter SoftFlask sports bottle over a few days on the hill. The 500-ml[Read More…]

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