A Smart Ski Boot Jack That Really Works.

DeBooter: Easy-to-use ski boot jack. Credit: OutDoor Logic Solutions
DeBooter: Easy-to-use ski boot jack. Click on image for demo. Credit: OutDoor Logic Solutions

They are the collective sounds of people removing their ski boots: the moans of agony and the sighs of joy heard in lots and lodges around the globe.

I’m simply relieved to get the damn things off, but getting the top of my foot past those two nasty tabs of plastic are akin to ripping a bandage off an old wound. I HATE IT!

No more. I recently had occasion to remove my boots with the DeBooter, an easy-to-use ski boot jack. It takes the pain and discomfort out of the process of taking off ski boots. You’ll still need to bend over to loosen your buckles and your booster straps (if you use them), but the struggle is over!

Place your boot heel in the designated area, step on the back of the device, and lift your foot out of the boot. It happens so quickly and so easily that you need to keep shoes close by so you’re not hopping around on one foot.

Wanting to verify my experience, I took the product around the Alta parking lot one afternoon as people were approaching their cars still wearing their boots. About a half dozen tried it. Using it is intuitive. The first few questioned why it was necessary. As soon as they tried it, they wanted to know where they get one for themselves. Another person who was wearing telemark boots had a little difficulty at first but quickly figured out how to make it work. Each and every one of the others appreciated the ease with which their boots popped off in full comfort.

The day had warmed up and the melting snow required shaking the product to get rid of dirty water. When faced with those conditions, keeping a towel in the car or using the DeBooter bag which can be purchased separately makes sense.

A great idea whose time has come. Get those boots off easily! Credit: Debooter
A great idea whose time has come. Get those boots off easily!
Credit: Outdoor Logical Solutions

The product is constructed of rugged plastic. It’s one of those things you purchase once and will to your favorite skier. It looks like it will last forever.

DeBooter is available in two versions: portable and commercial. I used the portable model, which sells online for $49.50. The commercial model gets screwed into a solid surface and is intended for use in condos, homes, and ski shops. It’s listed for $42.00. The company is a SeniorsSkiing.com advertiser and is offering readers a 20% discount. For more details, click here.


  1. just what we all need..more large “stuff” to put into our boot bag, although i understand it comes with its own little carry bag. more to carry into the lodge??. call it “geezer gear”, perhaps?? c’mon. if we’re fit enough to ski all day, id think we’re fit enough to take off our own ski boots (or perhaps ask a ski buddy to assist?)

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      More stuff. I understand. But this one really works, and not all senior skiers are as fit as they’d like to be. I keep DeBooter in the car. Again, after a bluebird day today skiing Alta and Snowbird, I took it out and let several skiers of varying ages give it a try. Reactions were consistently positive. Most everyone was surprised at how easily the foot pops out.

  2. Ahh, the real question: How do you get your discount?

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Go through the ordering process. When you get to the checkout you will be asked to enter a discount code. Enter SENIORSSKIING and you get your 20% off. Pretty cool…Thanks for reading SeniorsSkiing.com

  3. John Christiano says:

    The above folks got it right. More superfluous stuff. Now if you just have to spend money get a pair of electricity heated gloves Mountain Hardwear is having a sale. I think they could be the best investment you have ever made for yourself. You can’t imagine the look on my friends faces when I let them try them on. Toasty hands after 55 years of skiing. Free At Last

  4. I didn’t get my seniors skiing discount because I spelled it SENIORSKING! So be careful!

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