Still Doing Pow And Inspiring The Rest of Us

As Junior Bounous celebrates his ninth decade, we salute his love of the sport and his motivation.  His message to the rest of us is simple: “Keep moving!”  Check.  Thanks, Junior and have a great birthday.

Here’s a short documentary produced by Snowbird that chronicles Junior’s trip down the Pipeline at age 80.

Credit: Snowbird Resort


  1. HEY, thanks for the Pipeline video of friend Junior, abreast senior skier if e er there was one. Doug Pfeiffer

  2. Hey JB–Didn’t see much snow plowing –forgive me, I meant wedging or stemming in that there pipeline.Seemslike parallel works best, eh!
    Doug PFyr

  3. Thanks for the shout out. Dad doesn’t see popular media much but I try to pass on the good wishes to him. I think he’s going skiing today! Barry Bounous

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