Huh? is taking the holiday week off to spend time with family and friends. We are definitely thankful for our diverse and engaged readers who continue to inspire us with their insights and resolute allegiance to snow sports of all kinds. We are also thankful for our talented correspondents who have offered ideas, creativity, coverage that resonates with our readers. All is good as we approach our sixth Thanksgiving.


We were searching the internet for a fitting Thanksgiving video we could post as a holiday treat for our readers. Instead of happy skiers making tracks in Pilgrim costumes, we discovered this…odd…video. It shows a guy skiing down a groomer at Breckenridge on Thanksgiving in 2013. But there is something…ah…missing.

We thought it would be fun to ask our readers to come up with a caption for this video. Just put your entry in the Leave A Reply section below. Hey, you may win a coveted sticker…


  1. Look Ma! No skis!

  2. Finally, comfortable boots that can do it all!

  3. The skier in the video lacks safety brakes or safety straps, in case his boots fall off his feet. Why would anyone invest in boards when the present day ski trail is so firm, one could even drive a car on it, let alone glide on only the soles. I want to see conditions return back to the 1960’s; before mega groomer snow cats. Where I learned to ski, the ski school instructors were instructed to side step the trails to pack it for the patrons who needed a groomed trail. Those of us who enjoyed the gradual grooming starting from undisturbed powder by skiers, (and todays boarders would be) were thrilled. Unlike today, where this video is quite typical of every ski resort’s trails. Since skier numbers are declining, perhaps a lower overhead, lower ticket price and more natural conditions are what this sport needs. MRG is calling. I rather risk the snow instead of the vicious and dangerous hammer lane culprits our grooming has created. Why turn this simple video into something so satirical? I’m Lampooning!

  4. What’s to worry? You’ll never catch an edge or cross your tips! Happy Thanksgiving all.

  5. Stephen Post says:

    I skied down Challenger at Solitude in just my ski boots when the toe binding broke off my skis. Metal edges would have helped.

  6. Rod Stanford says:

    Those snow snakes are sneaky!!

  7. Rod Stanford says:

    The ski manufactures are worried!

  8. Great butt skiing, I’m jealous I’d never be able to get up.

  9. When The Ski Renal Fee is just too High lol !

  10. At 87 I have enough trouble skiing with skis. Don ‘t think I will try it w/o skis! Must be for youngsters of 70!!!

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