has a GREAT End-of-Season Ad Special! is seeking advertisers and sponsors wanting to position their products and services to our audience of active, older snow sports participants. And we’re asking you, our readers, to help.

At the height of the 2015-16 season we received almost 18,000 visitors and almost 59,000 pageviews.* Readers stayed an average of three minutes, spending over one minute per visited page.

“Our experience with readers is that they’re deeply engaged,” says Brian Frias, Brand and Technology Manager, Masterfit Enterprises, Inc., a  charter advertiser specializing in products, training, and education to improve boot fit and the boot fitting experience.

“ readers stayed on more than twice as long as Masterfit’s average visitor. They visited more than twice the pages than our average visitor. And their bounce rate was far lower than our average.”

Our Readers

Another indication of engagement is the unusually high 27 percent response to a recent reader survey. The survey polled demographic and behavioral information from subscribers, individuals who registered to receive weekly updates. Their average age is 67. They are evenly divided by gender. The majority are alpine skiers (91%), almost half expected to ski 20 or more days in the 2015-16 season. Twenty percent indicated they would ski 50+ days. On average, they take day trips to six resorts per season. For weekend and vacation trips they visit an average of two resorts per season.

The majority (57%) expect to purchase underwear and other forms of layering. About one-third expect to purchase skis; 25% expect to purchase boots and gloves, and 29% expect to purchase new goggles. Purchases of parkas and pants are anticipated by almost one-quarter of respondents.

Asked about the things they take to the mountain, they indicated:

  • Goggles: 94%
  • Cell Phone: 91%
  • Helmet: 85%
  • Balaclava/Neck Warmer: 77%
  • Sun Glasses: 73%
  • Sunscreen: 70%
  • Boot Bag: 58%
  • Pain Reliever: 45%
  • Water Bottle/Hydration System: 43%
  • Hand Warmers: 40%
  • Reading Glasses: 40%
  • Ski Bag: 37%
  • Camera: 35%
  • Ski Wax: 34%
  • Energy Bar/Gel/Drink: 32%
  • Glove Liners: 31%

End-of-Season Special

The End-of-Season Special gives 12 months of Home Page advertising and 12 months of Sponsored Content pages for $1500. This offer expires at the end of May.

Additionally, advertisements and/or Sponsored Content pages can be purchased weekly, monthly, and seasonally.

For additional information see the advertising rate card or contact [email protected].

*Google Analytics:  January – March

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