Where? When? What’s Special?

Credit: Arthur Griffin, New England Ski Museum Collection

Thanks to the New England Ski Museum for this picture of a unique moment in skiing history. The NESM has recently opened a new branch on North Conway, NH.

Last Week

This is a “10th Mountain Whisk”, designated by government purveyors as “Brush, Mountain”. It is a stiff brush particularly useful to 10th Mountain Division troops camped on snow. It is used to brush snow and frost from clothing and equipment and to keep the tent floor clean. This brush is not a readily available 10th artifact. Since these were used not only to clean off snow, but as fire starters, they are rare.

An extra special thanks to the Colorado Snowsports Museum for offering this curiosity. We had only one guess from a reader which was actually pretty close.


  1. Avatar Boyd Allen says:

    The Cannon Mountain Tram. First of its kind in the US (1938). The original ran until ~1980. Is this a picture of the last run?

  2. Avatar Grace McKearin says:

    I agree. Cannon Mountain original Tram. We rode it on our honeymoon in February 1978.

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