What Are We Looking At?

Thanks to a friendly aviator, we have this magnificent, recent (last week) view of a most formidable mountain resort.  How’s your pattern recognition?  Can tell us where it is? Major hint: That wide trail to the right is used for racing team practice.

Last Week

Yes, Lucille Ball visiting the Mittersill Alpine Resort in Franconia, NH, probably in the early-mid 60s. The man on the left is Gary Morton, her second husband, not her “I Love Lucy” husband-partner Desi Arnaz.

She and Desi can be credited with creating the sitcom format. Among her many other achievements was becoming the first female head of a major television-film production company, Desilu Productions. Her biography doesn’t reveal her attraction to snow country, however.

We can only guess she was a guest of Baron Hubert von Pantz, Mittersill’s founder and aristocratic host.

Desi, Jr., down in front looks like he could use a hot chocolate.

This photo is currently on display in the lobby of the Mittersill Alpine Resort along with other momentos of the hotel’s history.  Among those is a page from the hotel registry featuring the signature of Princess Elizabeth, soon to be Queen, on a stop over trip during her tour of Canada.





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