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Many thanks to Ski History magazine for this picture. Ski History magazine is the publication of the International Ski History Association. Find out more about ISHA by clicking here.

Last Week

Bjorn before the start of an American Birkebeiner, 2009. Credit:

In keeping with last week’s Make More Tracks theme, we posted a picture of the GOAT of Nordic racing.

And he is Bjorn Daehlie, the Norwegian Nordic skier who has won more total Olympic and gold medals than any other cross-country skier, making him the greatest Nordic competitor of all time. 

Bjorn is reported to have one of the highest VO2 max scores for endurance athletes in all sports. The maximum rate of Oxygen (O2) consumption by the body during exercise is the criterion measure of aerobic endurance fitness. Dahlie’s VO2 max has been recorded as high 96 ml/kg/min in the 1990s.  That’s more than twice the VO2 max for his most likely competitors, 20-29 year old males in excellent condition. 

A back injury forced Dahlie into retirement in 2001.  Since then, he has become a successful businessman in real estate and fashion. Dæhlie also invented the Salomon Nordic System Pilot Bindings.  His ski clothing is offered in a variety of outlets. Click here for the Bjorn Dahlie line at REI.

What’s curious is Bjorn is a national hero in Norway, an astronomic legend in cross-country circles, yet virtually unknown to North American skiers. 

Bjorn Dahlie showing his stride.


  1. Could it be at the White Cupboard Skiway in Woodstock VT? Just a guess based on the history I found at (New England Lost Ski Area Project)

  2. Gregory Francis Zoll says:

    Farmer Gilbert’s rope tow, Woodstock, VT?

  3. 1934 Woodstock Vt.

  4. This picture can be found on Page 8-A of the March 12, 2009 Vermont Standard (Woodstock, VT.) It is credited “The first ski tow in America, first operated in January, 1934at the White Cupboard Inn Skiway at Clint Gilbert’s farm.” This was a special commemorative edition of the Vermont Standard celebrating the 75th Anniversary of this ski tow.

  5. I remember my first rope tow at Bousquett Ski Area in Pittsfield MA. The rope wrapped around an old pickup truck wheel. It could really rip your gloves off.

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