This Season, Free Skiing Will Be Available To Senior Skiers At 112 Resorts Across 26 States.

The list of resorts is available to subscribers. The annual report was first issued for the 2015-16 season.

The number of resorts reporting free skiing privileges for seniors increased slightly from last season. Most provide free skiing at age 70.

According to recent National Ski Areas Association statistics, 20% of the nation’s total skiing/boarding population are 52 and older (1,843,000). Those 52-62 total 1,220,000 participants; 62-71 total 510,000, and 72+ total 113,000.

Each resort establishes its own age threshold for free skiing. People in their 60s ski free at nine resorts in six states. Those 70-79 have a choice of 62 resorts in 22 states, and those 80 and older ski free in 40 resorts in15 states.

The three states with the most areas offering free skiing are New Hampshire with 11 and California and Michigan, each with 10. New Mexico, New York, and Pennsylvania each have 8 resorts with free skiing. Maine has 7, Vermont has 6, and Washington has 5.

Three resorts, Alta Sierra (California), Welch Village (Minnesota), and Sugarbush (Vermont), have a minimum age of 90 to ski free.

Many resorts have a range of discounts for older skiers purchasing lift tickets and other products and services. The editors of advise looking online or asking before making purchases.

The free list is available to subscribers. Existing subscribers have immediate access to the list by clicking Community in the menu bar and then Subscriber Only Content in the dropdown box. New visitors to the site must enter their email address to have access.


  1. Paul LaShoto says:

    Note that free skiing for age 65 and over at Cannon Mountain in NH applies to NH residents only.

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Thanks for the clarification, Paul. Some offers, like Cannon’s, do have restrictions. As indicated in the PDF, always advisable to check with each resort first. Jon

  2. please provide info on free lift tickets. whats not to like??

  3. If we’re calling senior skiing over fifty… given that not a single entry free skiing list is for younger than 65 (with most being 75 or 80)…, might there be a companion list of ski areas offering some sort of discounted skiing to seniors 50-75, not yet to that “super senior” free skiing threshold?
    Oh, congrats to “winners” Sugarbush and Alta Sierra coming in at 90. Who will be first to make their offer 100?

  4. Bear Valley in California offers free lift tickets to seniors 75 and older – at least they did in the last 3 years. It is not on your list of CA areas.

  5. Bear Valley in California offers free lift tickets to seniors 75 and older – at least they did in the last 3 years. It is not on your list of CA areas. Just checked their website and 75+ is still free for 2017-18.

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      That’s great to know, Tom. Checked their website, and, indeed, they offer free skiing at 75. We’re changing the PDF to reflect this new info. Total is now 112 resorts. Thank you! Jon

  6. John Christiano says:

    Senior skiing at Mad river is $72 per day. Md river has not given free skiing for 5 years.

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Thanks, John. We’ll remove from the list. However, that $200 season pass for the growing 70+ crowd is pretty attractive.

  7. John Christiano says:

    Smugglers notch gives free skiing if you are over 70.

  8. Dale Ashcraft says:

    Is your site just click bait or do you actually have a list of resorts where seniors ski free or at discounts?

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Look under Subscriber Only Content you will find your FREE listing of places where seniors ski for free. And a FREE directory of skis for seniors and a FREE directory of boot recommendations for seniors and a FREE ebook of historic ski posters you can download.

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