Short Year Of Skiing For Seniors In The East.

Poll__As you can see, the results of our recent poll reveal that about half of Eastern respondents are done or almost done with skiing this season.  On to taking the cover off the boat, cleaning the bike chain and even gassing up the lawn mover.

However, note that there are a healthy number of respondents who are heading to western snowfields. And about a quarter of respondents are still going.  There is snow in those hills, thanks to the heroic efforts of snow groomers and makers across New England.

Now, Western skiers, how say you? When is done?



  1. Barbara Hartman says:

    Last day to ski? Lifts close on April 17. Last day to ski: April 15. (We don’t ski on weekends).

  2. Jon Weisberg says:

    Sorry Eastern skiers, but it’s snowing at Alta. The storm cycle looks active into next week. Snow quality has been lovely. Last week, before going out of town, I had a day of top-of-boot to knee-deep turns. In past years, the first two weeks of April have produced as much as a third of the season’s total. It’s a lovely time to visit Utah, and the lifts are only 40 minutes from the airport. C’mon out and make up for the lost season!

  3. Bob Richards says:

    Mt Bachelor, Bend, Oregon, 11 feet at base and still snowing! We’ll go through Memorial Day.

    • Michael Maginn says:

      We’ve heard from some Eastern skiers they intend to stick it until the crocuses come through the corn snow. Northern New England areas still open…

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