We Explain Why This Annoyance Happens And What You Can Do About It.

Editor Note: We get emails from time to time about how frustrated some of our readers are in having to re-enter their name and password when they visit our online magazine.  Sometimes those emails are in ALL CAPS, sometimes they use naughty words. Trust us, there is an explanation, and not everyone who subscribes has this problem. We’ve published this before and will continue to do so. It’s an easy fix.

If you are being asked to re-enter your email to confirm your subscription to SeniorsSkiing.com, you might be a bit annoyed.  We don’t blame you, but there is an explanation.

  • You are accessing SeniorsSkiing.com through a device that is different from the one you originally signed up on. Subscribing to SeniorsSkiing.com puts a “cookie” on your device.  If you use a different device, no cookie, so you are viewed as a non-subscriber. If you re-enter name and password, you’ll be okay with the new device.
  • You have disabled cookies or cleared browser history on your device. Turn cookies back on, and you’ll not have to re-enter again, or leave it disabled and realize you have to re-enter each time.  Your call.
  • You are trying to access our Subscriber-Only Content.  Instead of building a firewall that requires usernames and passwords, we elected a much simpler way of getting to our exclusive content: Just confirm your name and email.  You will have to do that each time you want to get to that information, which, by the way, is under the Community tab at the top.


  1. Peter Dekker says:

    iPads dont save cookies, try making your site iPad friendly!

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