This is the time of year when, with input from the website, we publish’s annual listing of the best new skis for older skiers.

Arrival of the pandemic virtually wiped out implementation of the comprehensive women’s test. But was able to collect sufficient data to pick the best models for senior male skiers. 

The 2021 Best Skis for Senior Skiers listing shows men’s choices only, many of which are suitable for female skiers. It also includes  Men’s and Women’s choices from 2019-20. We did this to help readers interested in new skis as well as to help those of you who may run across previously owned boards at a Swap or Sale.’s member reviews (see end of this article to obtain a discounted subscription) include narratives that go deeper into each ski’s personality. 

All of the selected skis share the characteristics of being designed and engineered to reduce the amount of energy required for turning. Generally, that means softer tip and tail and a bit of sidecut. Those designated as Women’s skis in the 2020 listing may be designed for female size and physique.

The recommended skis are grouped into five categories, each based on the ski’s width, which helps determine the terrain where its performance is optimized. suggests that when purchasing new skis, older skiers should start by choosing the most suitable category (see following) and working with a quality ski shop where they can demo before purchasing. If you score a pair at a Ski Swap, evaluate if the savings are worth sacrificing the demo. As long as you’re in the right category and find a good length, you won’t be too far off base.

Frontside (“Carving” skis) 

–Encompasses broadest range of skier abilities from entry-level to experienced

–Use on groomed terrain. Wider models are usable off-trail 

  • Ski width: 75MM-84MM

All-Mountain East 

–Work equally well in on-trail and off-trail conditions

–“Re-entry” ski for those who have not skied in a few years 

  • Ski width: 85MM-94MM

All-Mountain West 

–For use in the West by high performance skiers

–Adapted for off-trail use but can be skied on-trail by skilled skiers

  • Ski width: 95MM-100MM      

Big Mountain 

–More maneuverable powder skis

–Inadvisable for regular on-trail use

  • Ski width: 101MM-113MM


–Specialty skis for use in Deep Powder only 

  • Ski width: >113MM

To access the complete listing, a) click “COMMUNITY” on the dark blue menu bar at the top of the page, b) then click “SUBSCRIBER-ONLY CONTENT,” c) click on the 2021 Best Skis for Senior Skiers listing.

Detailed reviews are available at The site provides free access to equipment reviews and other information. In depth information and personal guidance from the publisher is available to subscribers at a discounted annual rate of $9.95. To sign up, visit Scroll down to/click on “Subscribe Today!” Then click “Sign Up” in the “Annual Membership” box. Complete the form and enter SS20 in the field under “Coupon Code.” 

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  1. Geoff M Prescott says:


    Regarding the list of “The Best 2021 Skis for Senior Skiers”, I would like to point out some errors. In the “All Mountain East” category, there is no such ski as a K2 V-Shape 10. In K2’s line-up, the Mindbender 90 Ti is the more likely choice. Also, in the “All Mountain West” category, there is no Dynastar Ranger 92 Ti. For Senior skiers, the better choice is the Dynastar M-Pro 99.


    Geoff Prescott

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