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If you haven’t already heard about it, the term “OK Boomer” has gone viral. It’s the Millenial and Generation Z way of giving the older generation the middle finger for complaining about younger people’s behavior and commenting on issues such as the environmental crisis that will be left for them to solve. It’s a term that smacks of  ageism.

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My characterization of the term’s usage is probably not entirely accurate. But “OK Boomer” is the phrase de jour headlining youth frustration with status quo. Look for it on T-shirts, coffee mugs, and social media platforms.

It reminds me of a recent New Yorker cartoon showing a young lion-tamer with his head in the jaws of the animal. The caption reads: “If this goes wrong, I can always blame my parents.”

Aging and Skiing Trends

I was born a few years before the Boomer generation. That started in 1946. Boomers are not going away soon. Ten thousand a day turn 65, a trend that will continue into the 2030s. Obviously, not all of them play in the snow. But it’s interesting to note the parallel between the 20% of the US population who are Boomers and the 20% of all US skiers who are 52 or older.

Remember the Sixties when we were advised not to trust anyone over 30? Currently, there are more people 65+ populating Earth than those under the age of 5. 

Youth-Oriented Ski Industry

Skiing and the industry behind it are youth-focused. That’s fine from my perspective, but I’d like to see greater acknowledgement of older participants who’ve supported the sport for decades and continue to do so.

We ski more frequently, spend more on skiing, and encourage our grown kids and grandkids to get into the sport. That last one, about the grandkids, is especially important for a sport struggling to attract newcomers. The number of skiers and boarders in the US has been flat for 35 years. 

And This is Our Reward…

Our rewards for staying in the game? Big Ski removes our discounts. Slope safety places many of us at risk. And Millenials and their younger Gen Z kin, get adrenaline kicks speeding through the video game maze of crowded slopes, often knocking their older opponents (us) out of the game.

Cataloochee in NC Is First in the East!

The North Carolina area debuted the season on Nov 3, becoming the first Eastern resort to open. A few hours later, Killington ‘s lifts started rolling. Terrain at both is limited, so check before heading out.

Also in the East…

Sunday River plans to open November 9. Stowe and Okemo will open November 22.

Okemo’s annual Ski and Snowboard Swap is scheduled November 22 through 24 at the Jackson Gore Round House. Proceeds benefit Okemo Mountain School in Ludlow, Vt. Check Okemo’s website for hours and other details.

And in the West…

Copper and Breckenridge will be running November 8; Steamboat, November 15 (it’s earliest date, ever).

Mountain Capital Partners acquired Brian Head, the southern Utah resort with the highest base elevation in the state. MCP’s other ski properties include Purgatory (CO), Arizona Snow Bowl (AZ), Sipapu (NM), Pajarito (NM), Hesperus (CO), and Nordic Valley (UT).

Mt. Bachelor (OR) is the site of the third annual Winter PrideFest, an LGBTQ+ celebration of winter sports. The event, to be held January 30 – February 2, is expected to draw about 700.  More info at www.outcentraloregon.com/winter-pridefest/ or the Winter PrideFest Facebook Event page.

Spineless Youth?

Rossignol surveys a panel for opinions about a variety of brand-related subjects. Based on the English used, I assume the people in charge are in France. This is from a recent report on a survey about back protectors: In a previous study, we asked you if your children had a backbone: this is the case of 40% of youNot clear if this is a translation or orthopedic issue.

Build Your Own Rope Tow

In 1941, Popular Mechanics published detailed instructions for ski clubs to construct their own rope tows. That article is followed by another one with plans to build your own cartop ski rack. Click here.

Lindsey Vonn HBO Special

Lindsey Vonn: The Final Season looks back on the four-time Olympian’s career and presents a look at the final chapter of her skiing journey. Premiers November 26 on HBO

10th Mountain Division Training Film

This 10 minute video is the last segment of a 1941 training film for USA mountain troops. Click here.


  1. Jon,

    Thanks for the entertainment. Had a good chuckle while watcing the 10th Mtn Div film. They did a lot of training in the Vail area and are still part of the local lore. Loved those cable bindings and the leather boots. Not too much changed from those films to when I began skiing in 1963.

    Ski technique is so much better today. Those turns seemed to be very awkward and unstable.

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Thanks, Ed. This season, try a few stem christies. They’re not as unstable as they appear. I still pull that turn out of the bag from time to time to visit the past. Hope we get to take some turns this season. Jon

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