Each year, SeniorsSkiing.com collaborates with Realskiers.com to inform its readers about skis that allow older skiers to turn more easily and to ski longer without tiring. Women’s skis – sometimes engineered for female size and physique – are included. 

To find the list on the site, a) click “Community” on the menu bar, b) click “Subscriber Only Content” in the dropdown box, and c) click on “Ski Recomendations for Seniors 2020.”

The skis were identified during Realskiers.com’s annual national ski evaluation process.

Most of the selected skis have relatively soft flex, which helps them engage the snow with minimal exertion. Regardless of one’s physical condition, using skis with these characteristics allows older skiers to turn more easily and to ski longer without tiring. 

The recommended skis are grouped into five categories, each based on the ski’s width, which helps determine the terrain where its performance is optimized. 

SeniorsSkiing.com recommends that when purchasing new skis, older skiers should start by choosing the most suitable category and work with a quality ski shop where they can demo before purchasing.

The characteristics of each of the five categories follow:

Frontside (“Carving” skis) 

  • Encompasses broadest range of skier abilities from entry-level to experienced
  • For use on groomed terrain. Wider models are usable off-trail 
  • Ski width: 75MM-84MM

All-Mountain East 

  • Works equally well on- and off-trail 
  • Good “re-entry” ski for those who haven’t skied in a few years 
  • Ski width: 85MM-94MM

All-Mountain West 

  • For use in the West by high performance skiers
  • Adapted for off-trail use but can be skied on-trail by skilled skiers
  • Ski width: 95MM-100MM      

Big Mountain 

  • A more maneuverable powder ski
  • Inadvisable for regular on-trail use
  • Ski width: 101MM-113MM


  • Specialty ski for use in Deep Powder only 
  • Ski width: >113MM

Detailed reviews are available at Realskiers.com. The site provides free access to equipment reviews and other information. In depth information and personal guidance from the publisher is available to SeniorsSkiing.com subscribers at a discounted annual rate of $9.95. To sign up, visit Realskiers.com. Scroll down to/click on “Subscribe Today!” Then click “Sign Up” in the “Annual Membership” box. Complete the form and enter SS20 in the field under “Coupon Code.” 


  1. John Hauner says:

    Looking forward to reading about best skis for me

  2. John Christiano says:

    Hey guys , forget all that stuff you have been reading about men’s skis. I have been skiing about 70 days last year on The Lady Head selection. Don’t forget that lady ski is do not have that strip of metal underfoot.
    As a result. Turning is real easy. I carve my turns, getting the ski to get up on edge and bed quickly and effortlessly is one of skiings real joys. No work just fun Get the all black ones, the name escapes me, . You can’t tell by looking at them That they are lady skis. Just do it.

  3. I ski the women’s Head Joy Wide, a fantastic ski, maybe the best I’ve ever been on. All conditions, with a rocker tip but with a firm tail you can carve off of. I’m an 81-year old advanced+ Male skier.

  4. I am 82 yr, old male. 5’11”, 185 Lbs. UstaWas a Patroler/Ski Instructor. Only 1 day on skis last yr.–tore my left quad ligaments & they were repaired. My 3rd season on the all black Head Pure Joy-163Length, 128/73/108 dimensions, early rise tip. Rehab this season so I only skied blue runs. and did a lot of resting. The Pure Joy is rated by Head as as a beginner ski, but I have had them on blacks (2 seasons ago) with no problems. Great ski.

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