Here Are The Stats From This Extraordinary Group Of Senior Skiers.

Our recent Spring Subscriber Survey 2017 had a question asking if the respondent had skied a number of days that equaled or exceeded their age in years.  The results are extremely interesting.

We had 77 respondents who qualified as this year’s group of Trail Masters, that remarkable group of super senior skiers who really hit the slopes this past season.  While we await verification from the top skiers, the most senior with the most days, we wanted to give you some statistics that describe who these super seniors are.

  • The average age of the Trailmaster group: 66.03
  • Highest lowest age range: 50 and 83
  • The average number of days skied: 84.49
  • The highest lowest number of days skied: 60 and 160 (!)
  • The average number of years the respondent has been skiing: 49.4
  • International locations of Trailmasters: Italy, Canada, France, Australia
  • Most frequently mentioned home state of Trailmasters: Vermont

We’ve sent emails to the super duper top of the list of Trailmasters to validate their numbers.  We’ll let you know who these folks are and who else is on the list of’s Trailmasters for the 2016-2017 season soon.



  1. Michael Sharkey says:

    If you need any help verifying the ski days for senior skiers at Sugarbush send me an email.

  2. Jack Shipley says:

    You’re cutting off the statistics too soon! Here in Mono County, CA there is still very good spring skiing both in the backcountry and at ski areas. I turned 72 years old last week, and have so far put in 83 days this season, all telemarking, with more to come. Spring is our best season, especially in the backcountry. — bodiejack

  3. Been at this for a while now. Just turning 70 tomorrow. The last 3 years were 80, 80, and 75. At Whitefish Mt. today preparing for #26. Heading to Canada this afternoon for a few more before heading back to Utah, then home to Moose Mountain Alaska, where super seniors ski free @70. Thanks for the fun site.

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