Where are these skiers? Source: New Mexicao Ski Museum

Each issue of SeniorsSkiing.com has a picture to help test your skiing knowledge. The pictures are from collections in a variety of participating ski museums, which we encourage you to visit and to support.

This image was submitted by New Mexico Ski Hall of Fame and New Mexico Ski Museum, located outside Albuquerque, at the base of the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway. The museum collects, preserves and displays items connected with and/or celebrating the history of snow skiing in New Mexico. The Ski Hall of Fame celebrates individuals who have contributed substantially to the development of skiing and snowboarding in the state.

It is open daily year-round, and admission is free.

Where in New Mexico are the skiers in this picture? The first person to identify the correct location (email  [email protected]) will receive a copy of Arcadia Publishing’s book, Skiing in New Mexico.

The correct answer and the name of the winner will appear in the next issue of SeniorsSkiing.com.

The winner of the last Test Your Skiing Knowledge (a few others had the correct answer, but were not the first to submit it) is George Treisbach of Harrisburg, Pa and Copper Mt, Co. He identified author Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. Congratulation for this mystery well-solved, George. Enjoy the  membership we purchased for you to The New England Ski Museum.


  1. Barbara Trythall says:

    White Sands NM

  2. Scott Jimmerson says:

    My weekend is off to a bad start. As soon as I saw the picture I said, ” Why that’s the Big Island, of course.” Then I read New Mexico. Too early for a beer.

  3. Jon Weisberg says:

    Ha!!!! Enjoy the weekend.

  4. White Sands near Alamogordo?


    White Sands

  6. White Sands National Park

  7. The picture is of White Sands, NM. Can be seen from the top of Ski Apache in Alto, NM. I’ve been to both places while stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas.

  8. Scott J wrote: “… why that’s the big island, of course…”

    well… altho i appreciate the point of view, but typing as one who lived in Hawai`i for 25years and resided on it’s flank for 10 and skied it on several occasions, i’d offer that Mauna Kea never gets quite that white.

    aloha from ‘the shores of lake bonneville’

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