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Several weeks back, we introduced LUV2SKI, the photo gallery of of skiing-oriented license plates.

So far, we’ve collected about 100 of these clever combinations of letters and numbers gracing vehicles around the country. Many of the images will be included in the Licensed To Ski poster we’re producing as a gift for the upcoming fund-raiser.

This week, we’re introducing a new, yet-to-be named feature. Fellow ski journalist, Mike Roth, is a talented cartoonist, whose work has appeared on this site and elsewhere. Mike will be illustrating personal stories submitted by SeniorsSkiing readers. Take a look at Hanging On for Life and (Almost) Getting Eaten by the Rope Tow to see his clever take on two reader tales. Send in any story from your skiing experience. We’ll publish the most interesting along with a Mike Roth illustration.

In this week’s Short Swings! column, Jon contemplates what to do when the sky is falling. He also reports on current industry developments and a variety of timely skiing curiosities.

Snow seems to be selective where it chooses to fall. Skiing Weatherman, Herb Stevens, explains the dynamics of the weather and gives an accurate forecast of what that means for ski areas across North America. Paying attention to Herb’s reports provides a good education in meteorology.

At 96, Junior Bounous is an American deep powder icon. Frequent contributor Harriet Wallis, temporarily sidelined with a ski-induced fracture, wrote this terrific profile.

Don Burch shares his love of skiing by producing short artistic videos. His most recent, Fun Times at Mount Snow, Okemo & Stratton, has me longing for those sweet New England ski days of my youth.

Frequent contributor, Pat McCloskey, reports on a day of skiing with Kathy Brennan, new CEO, PSIA- Eastern Division and her interesting take on lifelong learning. Jonathan Weisel reviews Celebrate Winter, the third book from Nordic Olympian, John Morton. And don’t miss the opportunity to win a prize in the Test Your Skiing Knowledge feature.


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