Even though senior skiers ski more and spend more per capita on skiing than younger generations, there’s a perception throughout the industry that the older cohort is made up of tight wads taking up otherwise valuable space in the day lodge. Jon touches on the issue in this week’s Short Swings! column.

In his typical light and informative style, Skiing Weatherman, Herb Stevens, presents a clear picture of the forecast for snow country.

Henry David Thoreau wasn’t a skier, but, as Mike Maginn writes,  Winter presents an excellent opportunity to visit Walden Pond on XC skis and contemplate how the naturalist/philosopher/poet spent his time there.

Staying on the topic of XC skiing, Roger Lohr explains the basics for newcomers to select a functional XC package. Very good advice.

Also in the Department of Good Advice, Bob Trueman offers guidance for coping with the dreaded Day 3 slump.

Harriet Wallis reports on Brighton’s tree nursery and it’s Ski With an Arborist program.

And Jackson Hogen explains what to do and what not to do to keep your binding functioning effectively.

Finally, check out this issue’s Test Your Skiing Knowledge feature. The winner will receive a one-year subscriiption to Outside+, will full access to the new Warren Miller film, magazine subscriptions, and lots of other goodies.

Note that the next issue of SeniorsSkiing.com will be issued Friday, December 3. In the interim, my wife and I will be moving permanently from East Coast to Salt Lake City, where the condo that’s been under renovation since June, won’t be ready for yet a few more months. Chalking this up to the challenges of managing contractors from a 2250 mile distance.


  1. Good luck with the move!

  2. Seems a particularly enlightened move in the face of the “snow bird revolution”, where “old folks” escape to warm climes (e.g., St. George or Scottsdale) rather than “endure” the “torture of the cold” on their “old bones”. I’ve lived in Orem since 1992, a little less than a mile from the mouth of Provo Canyon, where my deceased wife (October, 2018) and I raised our 3 children to appreciate the joys of winter on cross country skis. Now that I’m “single” (seems a ridiculous appellation to someone turning 75 next month), I find myself drawn again to winter weekends (and even weekdays, these days) climbing the tracks and finding a log to sweep off on which to eat lunch. I hope I’m not the only one my age who is thinking of trying some new-generation mountaineering skis and bindings or deciding on the best day-pack for “out and about in the mountains” this winter. I find myself hoping that your emag finds a substantial audience and, on a completely different track, that you love your new digs in SLC.

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