Non-Stop, Two Mile Run on Polecat.

Here’s the next in our Vicarious Vacation series: here’s a nice, calm run on the longest green trail in New Hampshire. Polecat runs from the top of Wildcat to the base, nice wide trails, mostly, taken at a leisurely pace.

That’s Mount Washington on the horizon on the Tuckerman Ravine side. Spectacular bluebird day makes it all a great ride.  The producer is Beyond The Lodge. Enjoy.


  1. P R Doucette says:

    Now that brought back fond memories of going down the original Polecat trail with a friend from high school in the early 60s in the shortest time possible on 195 Kastle Combis with Marker bindings and long thongs in early hard shell racing helmets and stretch pants with a knit racing stripe down each leg and hoping you didn’t wipe out on an ice patch caused by the Notch winds deciding that the snow belonged in the woods rather than the trail. Original Polecat trail was not as challenging as the original Wildcat trail but can understand and appreciate why Polecat has been tamed so it appeals to a broader range of skiers.

  2. Patti Farkas says:

    Pretty trail/cat track, but is that ice I hear???

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